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Legal Office Assistant Certificate (LOAC)

Certificate in Professional Studies (CERT_ADOT)

Flanagan Campus, Lincoln
Knight Campus, Warwick

The Legal Office Assistant certificate program is designed specifically for students interested in acquiring the skills needed for entry-level legal administrative support positions in the least amount of time. Rewarding career opportunities for graduates of this program are expected to remain constant.

Students who successfully complete this program have a background in legal terminology, Microsoft Office applications and language skills. In their last semester, students are given the opportunity to work in a local legal office. All credits earned in this certificate program may be applied to the Legal Administrative Assistant degree program.

This program is available full time or part time, days or evenings. Some courses are offered days only. To complete this program within the two semesters, applicants must be able to type at the rate of 25 words per minute before enrolling or they must enroll in the Microcomputer Keyboarding course, which will extend completion time.

Note: Many courses require prerequisites, corequisites and/or testing. See course descriptions for details.

  • First semester: OFTD 1105, 1120, 1130
  • Second semester: OFTD 1170, 1220
  • Third semester: OFTD 1140, 1280
  • Fourth semester: ADAS 2510, 2610
  • Fifth semester: ENGL 1400; LEGL 2310; OFTD 1180
  • Sixth semester: LAWS 2050; ADAS 2580
Certificate Requirements
ENGL 1400 Business Writing for Office Professionals   3
OFTD 1105 Essential Note Taking Skills   1
OFTD 1120 Microcomputer Keyboarding   3
OFTD 1220 Microsoft Office Applications I   4
OFTD 1130 Editing Skills for Office Communications I   2
ADAS 2510 Microsoft Office Applications II   3
LAWS 2050 Law of Contracts   3
LEGL 2310 Legal Forms and Terminology   2
ADAS 2610 Microsoft Office Applications III   3
OFTD 1280 Editing Skills for Office Communications II   3
OFTD 1170 Office Transcription I   2
OFTD 1140 Office Technology & Procedures I   3
ADAS 2580 Office Administration Cooperative Education I   3
OFTD 1180 Speech Recognition Software Applications I   1

Total Certificate Requirements Credits 36

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