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Administrative Assistant/Secretary Concentration (ADAD)

Associate in Science Degree in Professional Studies (AS_ADOT)

This program is available full time or part time, days or evenings.

StudentThe Administrative Assistant/Secretary concentration prepares students for careers such as executive assistant, office manager and senior word processor. Students who successfully complete the program have a background in Microsoft Office applications, administrative office management and advanced transcription. Career opportunities for the graduates of this program are expected to remain constant.

The program trains students to perform a variety of tasks encountered by the administrative assistant involving decision-making, accepting responsibility and managing an office. In their last semester, students are given the opportunity to work in the office of a local business.

Note: Many courses require prerequisites, corequisites and/or testing. See course descriptions for details.


General Education Requirements
ENGL 1010 Composition I   3
ENGL 1400 Business Writing for Office Professionals   3
MATH 1005 Business Mathematics   3
MATH 1015 Mathematics of Finance   3
PSYC 1030 Psychology of Personal Adjustment   3
Social Science Elective   See this page for a complete list of courses that fulfill the SSCI attribute. 3
COMM 1100 Public Speaking   3

Total General Education Requirements Credits 21

Major Requirements
OFTD 1105 Essential Note Taking Skills   1
OFTD 1120 Microcomputer Keyboarding   3
OFTD 1130 Editing Skills for Office Communications I   2
OFTD 1140 Office Technology & Procedures I   3
OFTD 1170 Office Transcription I   2
OFTD 1180 Speech Recognition Software Applications I   1
OFTD 1190 Speech Recognition Software Applications II   1
OFTD 1220 Microsoft Office Applications I   4
OFTD 1250 Office Accounting   2
OFTD 1280 Editing Skills for Office Communications II   3
OFTD 1370 Business File Management   2
ADAS 2510 Microsoft Office Applications II   3
ADAS 2520 Office Transcription II   2
ADAS 2530 Office Technology & Procedures II   3
ADAS 2570 Administrative Office Management   3
ADAS 2610 Microsoft Office Applications III   3
ADAS 2580 Office Administration Cooperative Education I   3

Total Major Requirements Credits 41

Total Program Credits 62

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