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Emergency Management/Homeland Security

Associate in Science Degree in Emergency Management/Homeland Security (AS_EMGD)

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The program in Emergency Management/Homeland Security is designed to provide students the core skills needed to work in the field of emergency management or homeland security. This discipline covers a broad spectrum of job opportunities in the public and private sectors. Job opportunities are in such fields as local, state and federal government; military; Department of Homeland Security; businesses; private security; public safety; hospital systems and universities.

Students learn about risk assessment, terrorism, disasters, natural and man-made hazards, emergency response, incident command, emergency planning and many other aspects of emergency management and homeland security.

Students who successfully complete the program earn a well-rounded degree, fulfilling both general education requirements and completing core courses that provide in-depth competencies needed to work in the field. The program finishes with a practicum and professional development course tying together acquired knowledge and skills.

Note: Not all courses are offered every semester. Many courses require prerequisites and/ or testing. See course descriptions for details.


General Education Requirements
CHEM 1000 Chemistry of Our Environment   4
CHEM 1060 Chemistry of Hazardous Materials   3
ENGL 2100 Technical Writing   3
COMM 1100 Public Speaking   3
Choose one GEOL course:
GEOL 1030
OR GEOL 1040
OR GEOL 1050
Natural Disasters
OR Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
OR Urban Geology
Choose one MATH course:
MATH 1420
OR MATH 1139
OR MATH 1475
Introduction to College Mathematics
OR Mathematics for Liberal Arts Students
OR Statistics for Social Sciences
Choose one Social Science course:
POLS 1000
OR POLS 1030

OR SOCS 1010
OR PSYC 2010
OR GEOG 1010
Introduction to Government and Politics
OR State and Local Government
OR General Sociology
OR General Psychology
OR Introduction to Geography

Total General Education Requirements Credits 19

Major Education Requirements
EMER 1000 Fundamentals of Emergency Management   3
EMER 1010 Understanding and Responding to Terrorism   3
EMER 1020 Bioterrorism and Public Health Emergencies   3
EMER 1030 Disaster Response Operations and Management   3
EMER 1040 Managing the Psychological Impact of Terrorism and Disasters   3
EMER 1050 Disaster Training and Exercise Management   3
EMER 2010 Disaster Resource Management   3
EMER 2020 Emergency Planning   3
EMER 2030 Professional Development in Emergency Management   3
EMER 2500 Practicum in Emergency Management Criminal background check required. Results may prevent student from taking all or some of available practicums. 3
HMLS 1000 Introduction to Homeland Security   3
HMLS 1010 Intelligence Analysis and Risk Management   3
HMLS 1020 Border and Transportation Security   3

Total Major Education Requirements Credits 39

Total Program Credits 61-62

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