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The Health Care Interpreter program is currently under review. Information will be made available at the CCRI Nursing website as this program is updated and revised.


The following general policies apply to ALL Health Sciences programs. Requirements specific to a particular program are listed on the program page.

Technical Standards

Each program has developed technical standards to assist interested applicants and continuing students to understand the tasks that a person working in that job would typically be expected to perform. These standards provide a sense of the physical requirements, psychomotor skills and affective behaviors associated with a particular occupation. Standards are listed with each individual program. These are available on the department websites.

Academic Progress

For most programs, students must maintain a 2.0 GPA while in the program. Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Therapeutic Massage students must achieve a grade of 75 percent in each course required by the program. Dental Hygiene students must achieve a grade of 75 percent in each didactic course required by the program. Nursing, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Physical Therapist Assistant and Opticianry students must maintain a 75 percent passing grade in each major course and maintain a 2.5 GPA to progress. Students who do not maintain the expected level of academic progress will be dismissed from the program.

Program faculty reserve the right to require withdrawal of any student from the program or to refuse reinstatement based on the student’s academic, clinical, or professional performance.


Students in the health programs with a documented need for reasonable accommodation are encouraged to contact the Office of Disability Services for Students as early as possible. This will help ensure that reasonable accommodations are provided in a timely manner.

Admission Requirements

Official high school or GED® transcript is a component of the Health Sciences application process. Anyone with a degree from a regionally accredited higher education institution may have this requirement waived following submission of the official college transcript. See individual programs.

Performance-Based Health Sciences (PBHS) Application Process

Health Sciences programs have a competitive application process and many have limited application windows. Students who want to earn Health Sciences degrees or certificates must first declare a General Studies major and take required classes. Once all admissions requirements are met, students can start the performance-based Health Sciences application process. Emergency Management/Homeland Security and Fire Science/Emergency Medical Technician are the only programs exempt from this performance-based application. Please visit the CCRI Health Sciences website for admission guidelines.

Advanced Placement/Challenge Examinations

Applicants with previous education or experience who wish to discuss advanced standing or challenge specific courses should contact the department chair or program director for information.

Background Check

Students are required to have a criminal background check in compliance with requirements of clinical agencies. Persons convicted of a crime, as defined by applicable state or federal law, cannot be offered admission to Health Sciences programs until they have served their sentence, and their criminal background check shows no evidence of criminal activity for at least seven years following the completion of their sentence, probation and/or parole. For more information, program department chair contacts can be found at the CCRI Health Sciences website.

CPR Certification*

All CCRI Health Sciences students must have current CPR certification, American Heart Association Basic Life Support (BLS), obtained through an AHA-recognized community training center. This course is also available at CCRI (HEAL 0200). Students must provide proof of AHA CPR certification to the department as part of health record documentation per program policies.

Health Insurance

Students are required to obtain health insurance. Health insurance is not provided by the college or clinical agencies. Students are responsible for their own health care expenses.

Health Records*

Students accepted into Health Sciences programs must submit complete health records to begin the clinical/technical courses. The health record requires a physical exam and specific documentation showing vaccination and immunity. See program policies for more detail on when health records are due. Students without complete health records, including titers, will not be allowed to start clinical rotations/field placements.

All students enrolled in CCRI Health Sciences programs are required to take the Hepatitis B series of three vaccinations, unless there are medical or religious reasons against it. Contact the department chair of your program for more information. Applicants are encouraged to begin the Hepatitis B series as soon as possible, and provide documentation of vaccinations as they are given, and show follow-up titers prior to entrance into one of the Health Sciences programs.

Individuals who disclose the presence of blood-borne infectious disease will be shown the same consideration as non-infected individuals and will be offered reasonable accommodations. Information regarding the health status of an individual is considered confidential and protected by the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974.

Occupational Titles

For more information about occupational titles, refer to the Dictionary of Occupational Titles at the Dictionary Of Occupational Titles website.

Advanced Placement

Selected Health Sciences programs may have advanced placement options for eligible applicants. Additional documents may be required for verification and eligibility. Applicants deemed eligible enter a program with a specific cohort. If you are eligible for an advanced level course you will be notified to register. Space availability is not automatic because of clinical/class space constraints.


Reinstatement in CCRI Health Sciences programs is not automatic. Priority is given to students in good academic standing at the time of withdrawal. Students wishing to be readmitted must meet the following criteria.

  • Submit a letter of intent to the department chair and program director at least one semester prior to the requested date of re-admittance.
  • Nursing students must submit a letter requesting reinstatement via email to the Scholastic Standing Committee chairperson.
  • See individual programs for GPA requirements.
  • Meet with the department chair and program director.
  • Students who have been dismissed from a health program may request reinstatement only once. Students who are dismissed from the program for academic reasons a second time may not return to the program. Students who do not follow the recommended sequence may delay their graduation date.
  • Students returning to any Health Sciences program may be required to repeat previous coursework and be approved by the Scholastic Standing Committee. See program pages for specific reinstatement information.
  • Upon notification, student will be permitted to register.

Students are responsible for transportation to all clinical/technical experiences both on and off campus.

Uniforms and Equipment

Students are responsible for purchasing necessary equipment and/or uniforms, if applicable.

Program Graduation

Students are responsible for completion of ALL program requirements to be eligible for graduation. This includes general education and specialty course requirements.

*Emergency Management/Homeland Security students are exempt from CPR certification and health-record requirements.

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