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Advanced Manufacturing Technology Degree (ETMA)

Associate in Science in Advanced Manufacturing Technology (AS_ETMA)

Knight Campus, Warwick only

Modern advanced manufacturing has been revolutionized by the use of computers for design, machining and automation. Today almost all product and component design uses computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) programs. The manufacturing process uses computers to control all aspects of subtractive and additive manufacturing (3-D printing). Computer numerical control (CNC) machining is at the heart of advanced manufacturing and the production of complex components accurately and efficiently. Advanced manufacturing also uses computers to control materials, inspection, quality assurance and distribution of finished products.

This program will provide students with extensive hands-on laboratory experience, and the basic skills and knowledge for employment in a variety of advanced manufacturing positions. The program will cover areas of science and mathematics and their applications to machining practices and CNC programming, and places emphasis on both theoretical and practical phases of the design, cost, quality and production of machined parts.

This associate degree is linked to three certificates or tracks: Manufacturing Design and Rapid Prototyping (ETMD), Advanced Machining Skills (ETMM) and Manufacturing Automation and Quality (ETMQ). Students can start their studies with one or more of the certificates or have all credits apply to the associate degree. The degree path requires prerequisites of MATH 0101 and ENGL 1005. Full-time students can expect to complete this program in five semesters.

General Education Requirements
ENGL 1010 Composition I   3
MATH 1179 Applied Technical Mathematics I   3
MATH 1181 Applied Technical Mathematics II   3
PHYS 1050 Physics for Technology I   4
PHYS 1070 Introduction to Renewable Energy   3
PSYC 1050 Psychology in the Workplace   3
COMM 1100 Public Speaking   3

Total General Education Requirements Credits 22

Core Requirements
ENGR 1030 Engineering Graphics   3
ETME 1020 Introduction to Manufacturing Processes   3
ETCN 1100 Blueprint Reading and the Machinery's Handbook Seven-and-a-half week course 3
ETCN 1200 Precision Measurement and Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerance Seven-and-a-half week course 3
ETCN 1300 CNC Machining I   3
ENGT 2090 Advanced Solid Modeling   3
ETEE 1800 Introduction to Digital Systems   3
ETME 1010 Robotics and Control   3
ETCN 2250 Lean Manufacturing   2
ETCN 2400 Industry and OSHA-10 Seminars   1
ETCN 2500 Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Practicum/Capstone   4

Total Core Requirements Credits 31

Choose at least twelve (12) elective requirement credits:

Elective Requirements
ENGT 1060 AutoCAD (Basic)   2
ETCN 1000 Mechanical Industrial Design   3
ETCN 2300 3D-Modeling and Prototyping   3
ETCN 2000 Advanced Machining Skills   3
ETCN 2100 Computer Aided Manufacturing Seven-and-a-half week course 3
ETCN 2200 CNC Machining II Seven-and-a-half week course 3
ETCN 2350 Automated Machining Technology   3
ETME 2310 Automation Systems   3
ETCN 2360 Manufacturing Quality Control   3

Total Elective Requirements Credits 26

Total Program Credits 65-79

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