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Sociology Course Descriptions

SOCS (Sociology)

SOCS 1010 - General Sociology (3 Credits)

This is an introductory course presenting a description and analysis of the structure and dynamics of human society. It focuses on social norms, groups, intergroup relations, social change, stratification and institutions. Social interaction and the values that orient behavior in groups are examined. Contemporary society and its problems are discussed. Lecture: 3 hours

SOCS 2020 - Marriage and Family (3 Credits)

This is a survey of the basic factors of courtship, mate selection, engagement, marriage and rearing children in preparation for successful marriage and parenthood. Marital values and problems are discussed. The course studies the family as the basic unit in society and its relationship to society as a whole. Current changes in family life and their causes are examined. Lecture: 3 hours

SOCS 2030 - Urban Sociology (3 Credits)

This course analyzes the influences of urban interaction on group relationships. Consideration is given to multi-factors inherent in problems pertaining to urban population movements, economic dislocations, minority-majority cultural conflicts and pluralistic power patterns. The role of public media and pressure groups also is studied as integral to contemporary urban group relationships. Lecture: 3 hours

SOCS 2040 - Sociological Perspectives of Race and Ethnic Relations (3 Credits)

This is a survey of the sociological aspects of intergroup relations as they pertain to race and ethnicity. Emphasis is placed on the socio-historical conceptualization of race and ethnicity, classical and contemporary sociological theories (e.g. assimilation, theories of immigration, racialization, and typologies of racism) regarding race and ethnicity. Majority-minority relations in the U.S. are also examined. SOCS 1010 is highly recommended as a prerequisite. Note: May be taken as an alternative to SOCS 1010 in Human Services. Lecture: 3 hours

SOCS 2050 - Social Problems (3 Credits)

This is a survey of the sociological aspects of major contemporary social problems in the United States. Emphasis is placed on personal pathologies (e.g., alcoholism, drug addiction, sexual pathology, suicide) population problems, educational problems, racism, sexism, ethnic problems, family problems and crime. (Prerequisite: SOCS 1010) Lecture: 3 hours

SOCS 2110 - Introduction to Anthropology (3 Credits)

This course is an introduction to the basic principles and methods of cultural anthropology. Emphasis is placed on the concept of culture as a way of explaining human behavior, with illustrations from selected preliterate societies. The biocultural evolution of mankind is covered. Lecture: 3 hours

SOCS 2120 - Sociology of Work in Formal Organizations (3 Credits)

Students learn to think critically and develop skills for teamwork in the context of large organizations, based on sociological principles of bureaucracy, group dynamics, leadership and authority. A solid grasp of the concepts in this course enables students to analyze and articulate the basic components of large organizations, the purpose of teamwork, and the kind of skills needed to succeed as a member of a team. Lecture: 3 hours

SOCS 2300 - Criminology (3 Credits)

This course considers the nature of crime and the criminal who commits social infractions. Emphasis focuses equally on theoretical and applied criminology. Lecture: 3 hours

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