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Professional Studies Course Descriptions

LEGL (Legal Office Administration)

LEGL 2310 - Legal Forms and Terminology (2 Credits)

This course studies forms used by attorneys in legal and business transactions. An explanation of the origin and use of the forms introduces terminology in which the legal assistant should be versed. Discussions and simulations revolve around legal terms in the context of a variety of legal documents such as complaints, motions, stipulations and contracts. Lecture: 2 hours - Lab Fee: $20

LEGL 2420 - Legal Office Administration (2 Credits)

This course prepares students to work as legal administrative assistants in a variety of law office environments. Procedures followed by attorneys in various specialties of the law are covered including litigation, real estate law, criminal law, wills and estates and many other areas of the law. Students also become familiar with the court system. Lecture: 2 hours - Lab Fee: $20

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