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Frequently Asked Questions for Career Development Services

How can I get help deciding on a career or major?

  1. Contact Career Development Services to schedule an appointment. After an initial interview, you may be encouraged to take self-assessment tests that will help you look at your values, interest, skills and assets and match them to possible careers and majors. Additional steps or activities will likely be suggested following the review of test results.
  2. You may also use this website as a guide for your career development. For all practical purposes, it is set-up like a workbook. The step-by-step process indicated on the menu of the home page will direct you to important career information, exercises and resources.

I've decided on a career, but how do I go about reaching my goal?

Make an appointment with Career Development Services to get help with developing a plan of action in which you'll establish strategies and steps toward your goal. A plan increases the likelihood that you'll achieve your career objective.

What is career development all about?

Career development is a process of exploration, decision making and advancement toward a career goal. It includes self-discovery, researching career information, and deciding on a course of action toward your career choice. As a final step, it requires a personal investment or commitment to do what it takes to achieve your goal.

Who should take advantage of Career Development Services?

Students and alumni of CCRI who:

  • are undecided about a career or major.
  • are looking for occupational information.
  • would like to take self-assessments tests to help make educational or career decisions.
  • want guidance in planning their future career.
  • are considering a career change.
  • need help with writing a resume, interviewing, or the how-to of the job search.

At what point in my education should I schedule an appointment with Career Development Services?

Ideally, during the first semester. It's important for students to become familiar with the process of career development early in their education at CCRI. This way few mistakes are made, less time is wasted and a student gains confidence by being focused toward a goal.

What can I expect from a career counseling session?

After an initial interview to obtain information relevant to your education and career, a counselor will help you determine your career needs and discuss the best approach to your decision-making. Each appointment will follow with suggested activities before your next session. Activities may include taking career inventories, researching occupations, talking to a professional in your area of interests, accessing a career related website, making an appointment with an academic counselor, talking to someone in Financial Aid, etc. Generally, you can expect to meet with a career counselor on approximately 2-3 occasions.

How does the Career Development office differ from the Career and Internship office?

The Career Development office provides students with guidance and self-assessment testing for developing a career direction and/or deciding on a major. The office is also a center for career resources and is especially useful for students looking for occupational information. On the other hand, the Job and Internship office focuses on generating employment opportunities for students and providing work experience linked to one's major and to academic credit.

How do I make an appointment?


Camille Numrich

Senior Coordinator


Tel:  825-2307

Knight Campus (Warwick) [Directions]

1st floor, Student Services: room 1028

Barbara Porrazzo



Tel: 333-7254 or 455-6055

Flanagan Campus (Lincoln) [Directions]

2nd floor, Job and Internship Office: room 2321


Liston Campus (Providence) [Directions]

2nd floor, Student Success Center: room 2221

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Last Updated: 7/26/16