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Our Staff
Name Title Email Phone Number Campus Office #
Hope Schachter Program Director 401-455-6012  Liston  2222 
Antonio Lombardi Program Assistant 401-455-6156 Liston 2222
Arthur Bradford Programmer/Analyst 401-825-2384 Knight 3574
Devlin Healey Preparing for College Program 401-455-6165 Liston 2224
Michele Bourgeois Concierge Coordinator 401-455-6138 Liston 2227
Wale Fayanjuola Concierge Coordinator 401-455-6138 Liston 2227
Corey Fernandez Concierge Coordinator 401-825-2384 or 2158 Knight 3574/1050
Kemi Odufuye-Langley Concierge Coordinator 401-455-6138 Liston 2227
Rekha Rosha Concierge Coordinator 401-333-7292 Flanagan 1318

Meet our Concierge Coordinators

Michele Bourgeois

Michele Bourgeois graduated from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth where she completed her BFA in Graphic Design and minored in Marketing. She transferred there from CCRI, where she received her Associates in Fine Arts. While attending CCRI, Michele gained experience working in the Career and Internship Office for several semesters. While attending classes at UMassD she worked in the Center for Civic and Engagement as an AmeriCorps Student Leader in Service. Michele designed promotional material for a non-profit, South Coast Serves, and volunteered at many events such as the 2011 International Day of Peace, the 2010 & 2011 MLK Day of Service, at Gifts to Give in New Bedford, and the 2011 Working Waterfront Festival in New Bedford.

Michele's firsthand experience as a student at CCRI and her internship was, and is, key in helping students achieve their educational goals. She enjoys motivating and helping students in any way that she can.

Wale Fayanjuola Wale Fayanjuola holds a B.A. in Business Administration and a B.A. in Supply Chain Management from the University of Rhode Island, as well as a minor study in Human Development Studies. Wale has three years of advising experience as a Resident Advisor at URI, and taught a college success course for one year as a 101 mentor also at URI. He is currently a Concierge Coordinator at CCRI, serving underrepresented college populations.

Wale would like his students to know that, "College is an extremely important place for one to find one's self, and finding success in college is even more difficult without the proper setting and support system to encourage self-directed learning and growth- that is where I come in. Here at Connect to College, we try to build a support system and environment for students who would otherwise be left exposed to the college experience alone. I believe it is the right of Connect to College scholars who want to work hard to have the opportunity to have a successful and enjoyable college experience."


Corey Fernandez Corey Fernandez joined the CCRI staff in 2012 after spending most of the previous four years in various positions at The University of Rhode Island in Kingston, RI. He served as a summer Residence Counselor for the Talent Development program from 2008-2010 and again in 2012. Corey also spent two years teaching Communications 100 under a teaching assistantship contract with URI in the Communications Studies department. In addition to Corey's work at URI, he currently serves as a Teen Program Coordinator for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Providence in their Teen Program, which operates within the Providence Housing Authority's projects in the Hartford, Manton Heights, and Chad Brown housing facilities.

Corey has a B.A. degree in Communication Studies from URI and is also studying for his M.A. degree at URI in the same discipline with an emphasis in Rhetoric.


Kemi Odufuye-Langley Kemi Odufuye-Langley was born and raised in Lagos State, Nigeria, and came to the United States at the age of 16. A graduate of CCRI, she received her associated degree in General Engineering. Kemi decided to pursue a degree at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, where she received her bachelor's degree in Operation Management. While living in an on campus dorm, she worked part-time as a help desk technician.

During Kemi's Senior year at UMassD, she interned with Nestle Waters. After earning her bachelor's in 2007, she took a break from school to work. Then in 2009, she decided to pursue her master's degree, which she received in 2011 in Business Administration with a concentration in Project Management and Operation Management.

Rekha Rosha Rekha Rosha is a Floridian by birth but a New Englander by choice. She was born in West Palm beach, grew up in Miami, and to this day maintains a healthy fear of both alligators and crocodiles. At the age of 16, her family moved from Miami to Vermont. After earning her master's degree, she moved to Boston, and since has lived in North Carolina and New York before settling with her partner in Providence, RI.

Rekha would like her students to know that "As an undergrad, I was clueless about the many fantastic resources available to me at my college and throughout my local community. I never did figure out how to study abroad! Having taught at large universities and smaller colleges-- including Boston University, Northeastern University, and Wake Forest University--I know all the ins and outs of higher education. I have a good grasp of how both sides of the college institution--academics and student life--fit together. I'm eager to talk with you about how to get everything you can out of your time at CCRI. My goal as a Coordinator is to give you lost and lots of choices! Also, to have fun."

Rekha holds a B.S. in Communication Arts and Sciences from Lyndon State College, and her master's degree in English and American Literature from The University of Vermont. Dr. Rosha received her doctorate in English and American Literature from Brandeis University, where her research was on the intersection of finance and fiction.

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