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Flanagan Campus Room Renumbering

All rooms at the Flanagan Campus in Lincoln have been renumbered for the start of the fall semester. I realize that some people may find it confusing at first but, hopefully, with some patience this change will make it easier for everyone. As part of this change, all students and faculty at the Flanagan Campus should reprint their schedules for the most up to date information.

New room number cross-reference list

View an Excel file showing a complete listing of the new Flanagan Campus room numbers cross-referenced to the old room numbers here.

Numbering system logic

Classrooms have been numbered using the following key:

room renumbering logic

New maps for Flanagan Campus

Reprint your schedules

Up-to-date schedules, which will include the new room numbers, are available for printing by logging into MyCCRI.

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Last Updated: 2/24/17