About the Budget and Resource Committee

The Budget & Resource Committee has been charged with inviting Vice Presidents to present their budgets in an effort to understand their needs and current budget situation. This will include:

  • Setting a timeline for these presentations to be made some time during the spring semester;
  • What budget cuts has their division faced and how have they dealt with them;
  • What are the pros and cons of their budget issues as they pertain to delivering the services for which their division is responsible; and
  • If they were to list their top five needs in their division, broken down into two categories – personnel and equipment, what would they be and request that they provide detailed information, including budgetary summaries.

A copy of President Di Pasquale’s Call Letter to the Budget & Resource Committee* is available.

Contact Information

Jack Renza
Committee Co-Chair
Tel: 401-333-7384

Kent Gates
Website Content Manager
Tel: 401-825-1114

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Last Updated: 2/16/17