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Meet Head Softball Coach - Kim Warrington


Kim Warrington with softball player
Coach Kim Warrington(L) with
Samantha Muller

This begins our series of introducing our readers to our coaching staff and their particular philosophies. Our first introduction is Head Softball coach, Kim Warrington.

How would you describe your coaching style?

Approachable, growth mindset, encouraging, creative, opportunistic, respectful. We utilize sports to help build structure, motivation and life long goals by strengthening our athletic skills and students' minds.

What is your most memorable moment as a coach?

My first year at CCRI, our women were playing a "rival" team. Although, it was new to me...I could feel and sense the history, tensions, angst, nerves, excitement and will to win in each one of the female student-athletes. The game was within 1 run and then tied up due to a homerun. The defense was tight, communication was streamed from center to shortstop to catcher right through the line and the focus was dialed in. They were hungry and eager and I will always remember looking over to the dugout and seeing the women jump up and down. One player yelled out "We got this!" There were so many moments of celebration in that game and so many points for the women to be proud of. It truly captured all the good that a sport can bring to an individual and team.

How would you describe your team culture?

Open, honest, respecting and connecting. We like to encourage a strong support network and utilize the mindset of teamwork makes the dreamwork.

Who is your coaching role model and why?

Julie Maguire NKHS and Bev Wiley. Julie was my high school field hockey coach. To this day, she stands out in my mind. She drilled us and skilled us. I can hear her voice to this day coaching and guiding. She consistently guided us to championships and we had so much fun in the process. If anyone can make skilling, drilling and running something you never complain about- but instead look forward to and get excited to be with your is this woman. Bev Wiley has taught me stability, growth and support. Sometimes, it is hard to develop balance and she is/was a coach who maintained a consistency and steady mindset throughout ups/down of a game. When I was younger I saw the same strength and qualities. As a coach, mentor and a person, Bev is always a steady rock with strength, humor and realism at all the right times!

What is your favorite quote?

"Don't count the days, make the days count", Muhummad Ali. "Life is a dream, the only real thing is you." -Unknown

What lessons did you learn from your playing days?

Stay the course, keep a game face, unite for the good of the common team goal. Trust in my coach and trust in my teammates (ALL SPORTS). With pitching, analyze the stance and angle of the bat to determine what to throw. Assess the base runners to determine WHY and WHEN to throw to a certain location, and lastly, take a deep breath, go for it, and TRUST in my TEAM.

What are the characteristics you look for in student-athletes?

Whole hearted and well rounded individuals. They must have a drive for academic success. They need to want to succeed. Is willing to reflect on skills to achieve growth for self and team, and must have a good attitude.

What word best describes your current team?

Goal oriented.

Who is one athlete you remember watching as a kid who really impressed you on and off the field?

Alexis LeBelle. Dedicated, focus, honest, driven kid. Rock steady for her team on the field. Polite with her family and her teammates alike. Such an all around good kid and now young lady.

What factors played in your decision to become a coach at CCRI?

Trust in the faculty, enjoyment of the sport. Opportunity to open doors for young women into new ventures and continue their sport.