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Art History - Ancient to Medieval

ARTS 1510 - 3 credits

Prehistoric people grappled with life and death in a harsher environment than ours. Nonetheless they responded in a way perfectly familiar to modern people--to look at the heavens and wonder why.

Temple of Ramesses II at Abu Simbel, NubiaThe study of ancient art history begins with Prehistoric, Near Eastern and Egyptian art that attempts to make sense of the universe through paintings, carvings and buildings. The stage was then set for the blossoming of artistic invention on the part of the Greeks and Romans. The greatness of public art, such as temples and theatres, is a central focus of Greco-Roman art history, with the private art of the period seen in the beautiful homes and bathhouses, ornamented with mosaics and frescoes. The last section of material is on the acceptance and growth of Christian art in the Byzantine church and the Medieval age through Gothic. Islamic art and architecture is also examined in this survey course.

Venus de MiloIt is recommended that students enroll in this course first, before
 "Art History: Renaissance to Modern”, although this is not a prerequisite. Students are discouraged from enrolling in both 1510 and 1520 in the same semester. This course is a smooth three credit transfer to four year colleges.

Lecture: 3 hours

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