The office of Academic Affairs would like to thank all CCRI faculty and staff who participated in the NEASC Trivia contest during All College Week. Below are the correct answers for each trivia question as well as the names of the contest winners.

Standard One - Mission & Purpose:

When was the CCRI mission statement last evaluated?

Answer: 2006

Standard One - Mission & Purpose:

What governing body has final approval of the CCRI mission statement?

Answer: RI board of Governors for Higher Education


The NEASC Commission is comprised of:

Elected faculty & administrators from member institutions & the general public

Standard Two- Planning & Evaluation:

CCRI's most recent Strategic Plan covered/covers which period of time?

Answer: 2009 to 2012

Standard Two- Planning & Evaluation:

How many strategic goals are included in CCRI's most recent Strategic Plan?

Answer: 4

Standard Three- Organization & Governance :

In what year was CCRI's current governance system ratified?

Answer: 2008

Standard Three - Organization & Governance:

Which of the following play a role in governing CCRI.

Answer: CCRI faculty, Employee Bargaining Units, CCRI Administration, CCRI Students, Governing Board

Standard Three- Organization & Governance:

CCRI's governance system is comprised of 7 councils:

Answer: College Coordinating, Institutional Planning, Student Affairs, Technology, Business, Facilities, Academic

Standard Three - Organization & Governance:

According to CCRI's governance structure, policies originating in the Learning Spaces Committee, should flow to the facilities council for deliberation.

Standard Four- The Academic Program:

Which four abilities are addressed in CCRI's 'Definition of an Educated Person' ?

Answer: Mathematical & scientific reasoning, effective communication, critical thinking, social interaction

Standard Four- The Academic Program:

What percentage of a program's credits must a student complete at CCRI in order to be eligible to complete the program and graduate from CCRI?

Answer: 25%


What are the two types of educational accreditation?

Answer: Institutional & specialized

Standard Five- Faculty:

How many tenured faculty does CCRI currently employ?

Answer: 200-250

Standard Six- Students:

Which of the following pairs of indicators must be reported to NEASC as measures of student success?

Answer: Retention & graduation rates

Standard Six- Students:

What total number of CCRI students requested accommodations due to a disability during the fall 2011 semester?

Answer: 1122

Standard Six- Students:

During fall 2011, what percentage of CCRI's first-year students enrolled in a developmental math course?

Answer: 36%

Standard Seven- Library & Information Resources:

Which CCRI committee focuses on "specific issues relating to technology required in support of teaching & learning"?

Answer: ATAC( Academic Technology Advisory Committee)

Standard Seven- Library & Information Resources:

According to CCRI's Distance Learning website, classes are classified as Distance Learning if "what percentage" of the course content is delivered online?

Answer: 80%

Standard Seven- Library & Information resources:

Which of the CCRI campuses has a library that is open on Sunday?

Answer: Liston

Standard Eight- Physical & Technological Resources:

What is the total square footage of all four CCRI campuses?

Answer: 1,113,134 Sq Ft.

Standard Eight- Physical & Technological Resources:

Which one of the following applications does CCRI utilize to collect data on the contents of each classroom and match course requirements with the appropriate technology for classroom assignment?

Answer: R25

Standard Eight- Physical and Technological Resources:

How many desk top computers are currently supported at CCRI (total for all campuses)?

Approximately 3000

Standard Eight- Physical & Technological Resources:

What is the name of the training program that is available to all CCRI faculty & staff offered through the office of Human Resources?


Standard Nine- Financial Resources:

What has been the percent increase in tuition at CCRI since 2005?

Answer: 70%

Standard Nine-Financial Resources:

Which of the following information can be located on the CCRI Business Affairs' website?

Answer: Historical budget data, departmental budget requests, financial audit statement - All of the above.

Standard Nine- Financial Resources:

What is CCRI's full time in-state tuition including fees for spring 2012?

Answer: $3676.00


The CCRI NEASC accreditation visit will take place in March of 2014. The visiting team may consist of volunteer members from each of the following categories, except one. Indicate which one will not be included.

Answer: Members of the general public from new England

Standard Ten- Public Disclosure:

Under NEASC Standards, what is the maximum number of years that a particular course may not be taught, but can still be listed as "current" on the website or in the course bulletin?

Answer: Two years

Standard Ten- Public Disclosure:

Which categories of information on student success (listed below) are required by the NEASC standards to be disclosed publicly?

Answer: Graduation rates, pass rates for licensure exams, retention rates: All of the above.

Standard Eleven- Integrity:

Who holds the responsibility for final approval of any new college policy?

Answer: CCRI President

Standard Eleven- Integrity:

Which of the following IS NOT a non contractual standing committee of the CCRI governance system?

Answer: Science Advisory Committee

Contest Winners:

All questions & answers were provided by NEASC Standards co chairpersons. Winners were determined by percentage of correct answers. Prizes were awarded with regard to preferences indicated on trivia survey sheet. If preference prizes had already been awarded, winner was awarded available prize.

  1. Cecile Roberti: 84.4% correct; submitted 3/28 at 6:23 AM
    Prize: Amazon Kindle
  2. Kristen Cyr: 81.3% correct; submitted 3/26 at 12:35 PM
    Prize: Venda Gift Certificate
  3. Tracy Morkunas: 81.3% correct; submitted 3/28 at 9:13 AM
    Prize: Kate Spade bag
  4. Valerie Lavasseur: 78.1% correct; submitted 3/27 at 6:05 PM
    Prize: Lady's Dufonte watch
  5. Michelle O'Brien: 75.0 % correct; submitted 3/26 at 10:37 AM
    Prize: Wine Basket
  6. Kevin Salisbury: 75.0 % correct; submitted 3/26 at 11:43 AM
    Prize: Cigars
  7. April Roberts: 71.9% correct; submitted 3/ 26 at 10:34 AM
    Prize: Man's Croton Watch

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