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Lincoln: 333-7035
Providence: 455-6050
Newport: 851-1620


For details about CCRI Emergency Alerts

On the Web—Visit or for detailed campus closure and emergency information and updates.

On the phone—Call the campus info line at

for recorded information and updates relating to campus alerts.

By e-mail—Check your CCRI e-mail account for the messages relating to campus closures and other emergencies.

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Emergency Information

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Receive immediate notice of any campus emergencies or closings via text messages and/or e-mails.

CCRI Alerts

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I opt out/unsubscribe to the CCRI Alerts?

As a member of the CCRI community, you have been automatically enrolled in the RAVE emergency alert system. This system delivers text and email messages during emergencies and when adverse weather conditions affect normal campus operations and is used only in these situations. To opt out of text messages, you can delete the mobile number from your registered RAVE account profile or text STOP to 67283 or 226787. If you do not have a RAVE account, please sign up. Use the STOP command with caution as this will block delivery of all text emergency messages. If you opt out, you will still receive email alerts to your CCRI-issued email account.

Who can subscribe/use the service?

Any student, staff, or faculty member of the CCRI community with a or @ e-mail address can subscribe.

What is my username and password?

For faculty and staff the username should be the name that appears just before the "" in the CCRI e-mail address and for students it should be the name that appears just before the "" in their e-mail address . An example for faculty and staff is: and an example for students is The password is set when you sign-up for the CCRI Alerts service.

Can I register for text messages if I am located on campus but I am not a CCRI student, staff, or faculty member?

No. Only CCRI community members with a valid e-mail address can register. The text messaging service is only one of several communication and information sources used at CCRI.

Does it matter who my cell phone provider/carrier is?

You can see a dropdown of all of the carriers when you sign-up.  When you add your number you get to a selection of carrier screen. If you add a valid number, the number lookup is automatic, but you can still scroll through choices or carriers. Follow this link if you want to see the list before you enter your number --or just enter a bogus number, such as 111-111-1111, then you can click the dropdown and see we support a very large list.  As one would expect, all the large carriers are supported, but we also support a very large number of small rural dealer-type carriers as well.  [see list of supported carriers]

What if my cell phone number changes?

After you log in, select the My Account tab and then select edit under Mobile contacts. To the far right you can select edit, test or delete. Edit your number and then select test. You will be sent a test message so that you know it's working.

What if my cell phone provider changes?

If you change your mobile number, you will need to edit the mobile number in your account. If you keep the same mobile number, and simply change cell phone provider, you do not have to change anything.

Will my sign-up information be shared with third parties?

No. Your e-mail address and cell phone number will not be provided to organizations outside of CCRI.

Who do I contact for help?

If you need assistance, e-mail: or call 401-825-1112.

How will I identify incoming messages from CCRI Alerts?

Users are encouraged to add CCRI Alerts to their phone contacts.  In the case of an emergency, the alert will display as received from the college.

Need Help? If you need help with sign-up see our sign-up tutorial page. If you need further assistance, contact the CCRI IT Service Desk.

Last Updated: 9/4/14