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Community College of Rhode Island

Topics to be Covered

All sections of the course must include Chapters 1-9 in OnCourse as well as the topics listed below.

  • Identify reasons for enrolling in the Seminar on Student Success course.
  • Describe the results of the LASSI (Learning and Study Skills Inventory) and explain various study skills strategies.
  • Evaluate the responses of the learning style and LASSI inventories and develop a personal learning strategies plan.
  • Describe the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation and list examples of both.
  • Identify components of short and long-term goal setting (based on values, interest structure, personality and skills assessments); develop educational plan for upcoming semester.
  • Develop Student Success Plan including course materials per directions of instructor.
  • Identify several aspects of college academic policies and schedules such as: the Add/Drop period; withdrawal deadlines; grading policies; registration dates; student rights and responsibilities, computer access and responsibilities, etc.
  • Participate in a group project that composes a presentation on learning strategies (or topics assigned by instructor).
  • Log on to the campus MyCCRI system and participate in an online discussion group and registration.
  • Develop the ability to recognize and use specific interpersonal, communication and listening skills through group collaboration and public speaking assignments.
  • Write journal entries that discriminate the difference between your previous educational experiences and college and assess the development of personal, career and academic goals.
  • Complete a library assignment using HELIN or other identified Library resource.
  • Identify the roles and locations of: the CCRI Success Centers; the Academic Department related to your major, the Library, Campus Security, the Enrollment Services Office, Advising & Counseling Center, Bursars Office, Co-Operative Education Program, Career Center, Computer Labs, Writing Center, Math Labs, College Bookstore, among others.
  • Interview an instructor or staff person and present a brief report of the meeting.
  • Through written work and classroom assignments, demonstrate your awareness of the importance of career goal setting and identify relevant campus resources.
  • List various student clubs and organizations and describe those you would consider joining.
  • Attend one campus-sponsored event OR one campus-sponsored workshop and provide proof of attendance by means of a brochure, playbill, certificate of attendance, etc.

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