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Community College of Rhode Island

College Success Course


College Success is designed to assist students in the transition to college. To be effective in college, a career and in life depends on attitude, hard work, personal qualities and knowing the right strategies.

This course will focus on practical tips and strategies that will help students succeed - and ways to create a positive mind shift. Emphasis will be on attitude, study habits and time and stress management. In a setting of active and collaborative learning, students will be engaged in a variety of instructional experiences, including discussions with reading, speaking, writing and listening assignments.

The course will require the creation of a personal Success Plan that will introduce various aspects of student development, including an awareness of personal learning styles and career options, and will foster the creation of helpful learning strategies through study skills instruction.

Students will survey CCRI's resources and personnel and become familiar with college policies and procedures. This course is also designed to emphasize applications of the Student Success and Library resources, technology, the development of self-efficacy, and provide students opportunities to process and apply information to their academic and personal lives.

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Last Updated: 12/28/17