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Community College of Rhode Island

About the Strategic Planning Committee No. 2

The purpose of strategic planning is to determine where the Community College of Rhode Island is going over the next three years. How we are going to get there and how will we know if we got there or not?

The focus of Strategic Planning Committee No. 2 will be “what will our students learn?” Your charge is to develop a set of questions that will help us achieve the answer to this question. Examples of questions that I feel the college should be asking relate to:

  • The use of part-time versus full-time faculty
  • The Gen Ed core curriculum
  • Review of current academic programs
  • Review of future academic programs
  • Review of the master schedule and its effectiveness
  • Will our students be prepared for the current and future work environment?
  • How do we prepare our students to identify problems and solve them, both in their work and personal lives?
  • How do we best prepare students for transfer?
  • And, finally, when we ask the question, “what will our students learn?” it is very important that we focus on learning so that learning is our goal. It is imperative to study learning styles and adjust how we teach.

The purpose of this task is to identify core questions that will answer the over all question, “what will our students learn?” and then to research and prepare recommendations for the college community to agree upon.

The Committee is being asked to:

  • Assign responsibility for implementation
  • Identify what support will be needed to achieve success
  • Assign appropriate funding and identify funding source
  • Determine how implementation activities will be reported
  • Determine how we will demonstrate that the recommendations have been successfully implemented.
The timetable for this exercise will be:
Date Task
December 2007 Charge to Committee
January-March, 2008 Questions identified
April-September, 2008 Research completed
October-November, 2008 Recommendations forwarded
December 2008 Campus discussions
January 2009 Implementation

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