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Full time & Adjunct Faculty

Full time faculty | Adjunct Faculty

Full Time Faculty & Staff
Name Discipline Office # Phone E-mail
David Carlin Philosophy   851-1169
Carlton Hastings Sociology 3102 825-2451
Kate Dunnigan
(Dept. Chair)
History 3078 825-2169
Jack Every History 3088 825-2454
Safiul Huda Economics 3088 825-2454
Leslie Killgore Sociology 3102 825-2451
Jana Knibb Sociology 3087 825-1176
Paul Leclerc Philosophy 1236 333-7294
Hsin-Yi Liu Sociology 1355 333-7357
Quiag Lu History 1359 333-7357
Maryhelen MacInnes Sociology 1355 333-7272
Suzanne McCormack History 1354 333-7294
James Miller History 3090 825-2062
James Minuto History/
Political Science
1355/3102 825-2453
Dennis Najarian History 3088 825-2454
John Rapczak Economics 1354 333-7294
Lolita Villanueva IS Tech,
Website Content Manager
3076 825-2171

Adjunct Faculty
Name Discipline E-mail
Paul Archetto History
Aaron Botelho History
Aaron Boyden Philosophy
Gerald Browning History
Susan Buelow History
Paul Carcieri History
David Ciliberto Sociology
Langdon Clough Geography/
Jonathan Corey Sociology
Jack Dougherty Economics
Leo Emery History
Robert Feinburg History
Joseph Fulginiti History
Sarah Goldberger History
Roxanne Gomes Sociology
Gerard Hamel History
William Hasenfus History
William Johnson History
James Kabala History
Daniel Kyei-Poakwa Sociology
Sarah Lane History
Norma Lasalle History
Rabbi Lefkowitz History
Antoinette Littlejohn Sociology
Joyce Melton Sociology
Michael Pellegrino History
Harry Redfearn History
Dennis Ricci History
Alex Russo History
Margret Santos Sociology
David Shikiar Philosophy
Robert Schafer History
Victoria Stedman Economics
Richard Tarlaian Sociology
Jim Tull Philosophy
Matthew Ulricksen Political Science

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