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Knight Campus Clubs/Organizations

Welcome! We hope that you can find a club that interests you in Student Life at CCRI! If you notice there is a club or organization that isn't represented at our campus, or you would like to create a new club/organization please see the Office of Student Life's website.

Student clubs and organizations are responsible for sending updated contact information and revised club constitutions to the Office of Student Life and the Office of Student Government. Please email such information to your Knight Student Government at and Christine Jenkins, Associate Dean, Office of Student Life at

Knight Active Student Clubs



The Access Club aims to promote, advocate for, mentor, support and serve the members of the Access TRiO Student Support Services program; and to educate the CCRI community to the needs of these students. We promote and encourage academic excellence, leadership, civic engagement, community networking, cultural exchange, and opportunities for success both within and beyond the college setting.  

Advisor: Gail Sidney

Amateur Radio Club

The CCRI Amateur Radio Club has existed since the mid 60's. The club encourages and enables students to obtain an FCC license to which allows them to communicate over short wave, satellite and other mediums, both as a hobby and service to others. The club members can provide emergency communications in times of emergency; stimulate interest in the technical fields, and allows students to access a service oriented hobby which they will continue for the rest of their lives.

Advisor: Edmond Zuromski

Anime Club

The intent of the CCRI Anime Club is to provide a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere to admirers of Japanese animation, manga (comic novels), movies, and culture. Each week meetings are held to explore various facts of anime, Japanese culture, and recent news of the aforementioned activities to inform and inspire our members and others. In addition, weekly screenings are held and are open to members and the CCRI Community, as well as other special events including Community Service activities.

Advisor: Chuck Morgan

Art Club

The purpose of The Art Club is to increase the presence and strengthen awareness of the visual arts at the CCRI campuses. The organization strives to increase student, faculty, and staff awareness of the importance of the visual arts.

Advisor: Mazin Adam

Black American Student Association

The Black American Student Association was founded in order to provide a means of minority expression on matters concerning minority students of CCRI. The organization’s goals are to advance minority students’ welfare and interests, elevate minority students’ social, cultural and educational opportunities, as well as foster each participant’s involvement in all aspects of college life.

Advisor: Antoinette Littlejohn

Bible Study Club

The Bible Study Club meets once or twice a week to study the Bible together, both the Old and New Testaments, and to support and encourage each other in our faith. The club welcomes all interested people to come and be part of the group. We read with a view to the meaning and personal application of what the text says. Bibles are provided by the club or bring your own. Study is followed by a time of prayer for those who desire it. For current meeting room and times, check posters or contact the club advisor.

Advisor: Cheri Markward

Chamber Ensemble

The Chamber Ensemble is CCRI’s band/orchestra performing group. We meet twice a week to practice for performances during the semester. The group presents a formal public concert twice a year, in December and April/May, and frequently performs for other college functions. All band/orchestra instrumentalists and pianists who read music are invited to participate. Chamber Ensemble is a good way to keep up or improve your skills on your instrument and to enjoy the benefits of playing in an ensemble. A steady commitment is required. Meeting times: Mondays and Wednesdays from 1:00-2:15 in the Band Room (0540) in Warwick.

Advisor: Cheri Markward

Chamber Singers

For those who enjoy part-singing in a small group, this is an interesting close-knit ensemble club. Also a one-credit music course, the Chamber Singers ensemble offers an opportunity to explore anything from a cappella Renaissance music to 20th century styles. Performances include fall concerts on campus and in the community, and an annual spring concert. Auditions for placement within the group are held at the first two rehearsals each semester. We rehearse weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 12:00pm to 12:50pm in Room 0562.

Advisor: Joseph Amante


A marvelous opportunity for those who enjoy singing and having fun while learning vocal technique by rehearsing varied and interesting styles of choral music. A one-credit course, the Chorus meets Mondays and Wednesdays from 2:30 to 3:45pm. An audition for placement for each section (soprano, alto, tenor, and bass) is held during the first meeting of each semester.

Advisor: Joseph Amante

Collegiate DECA

Collegiate DECA has three chapters operating out of the Knight, Flanagan, and Liston campuses. Collegiate DECA members are enrolled in Management, Marketing, Entrepreneurship and other business-oriented programs. This co-curricular organization has over 180,000 members internationally. The goals of Collegiate DECA are to prepare its members for their future career goals by focusing on leadership, development, community service activities and competition. Annually, members travel to an international conference to compete in various career areas to win awards, scholarships, prizes and obtain job opportunities. This club combines educational and social skills into a dynamic club for all business students.

Advisor: Joshua Klemp and Joann Warren

Cooking Club

The CCRI Cooking Club provides students and faculty the opportunity to broaden their understanding of the field of food safety, food preparation and all aspects of cooking, baking, and food presentation.

Advisor: David Alfano

Engineering Student Association

The Engineering Student Association (ESA) is a club made up of students majoring in engineering and engineering technology. The purpose of the club is to better prepare students for what lies ahead after graduation and to enhance their knowledge in all fields of engineering. In addition to students exchanging and sharing knowledge of classes, careers, jobs, etc. during meetings, the club also hosts guest speakers and sponsors field trips as well. ESA also holds an annual cookout/picnic each year during the summer, and ski trip during the winter break. The club is open to all engineering and engineering technology students. The club also welcomes students majoring in arts, general business, and management.

Advisor: Phillip Miller

French Club

The purpose of the French Club is to promote the study of the French language and culture through a variety of programs and activities. Students are encouraged to participate in study abroad programs and travel through club sponsored activities. Interaction with people from French speaking countries is encouraged by working with foreign exchange students, and visits with speakers from French businesses and cultural organizations. The Club helps students to make links with French speakers from various parts of the world through video exchanges, e-mail exchanges, and videoconferencing. Field trips to museums, exhibits, and restaurants may also be scheduled.

Advisor: Carol Pannaccione

Gardening and Beekeeping Club

The purpose of the club is to establish a community-style garden and apiary to be maintained by members of the club. Projects such as establishment of a campus-wide composting system and renovation of the greenhouse may be undertaken once the garden is established.

Advisor: Elizabeth Penta

German Club

The purpose of the German Club is to encourage the study of the German language and culture through a variety of programs and activities. Speakers and ethnic festivals are planned to familiarize the community with German customs.

Advisor: Carol Pannaccione

Human Services Club

The Human Services Club provides students the opportunity to broaden their understanding of the field of human services. Club meetings are held bi-monthly from September to May. Focusing on the interests of its members, the club meetings generally consist of topic speakers, organization of community service activities with a variety of non-profit agencies, films, visitations, and group discussions. Participation in the annual New England Conference, as well as local conferences, is available to club members. The policies of the Human Services Club are in unison with the policies of the New England Organization of Human Services, which serves as a medium of communication among New England Human Service faculty, practitioners and students. Membership to this club and participation in its diversity of the human service fields allows students to acquire the knowledge and skill competencies for fostering the development of better professionals for tomorrow's world.

Advisor: William Pellicio

Italian Club

The purpose of the Italian Club is to encourage the study of the Italian language and culture through a variety of programs and activities. Speakers, films, cultural events and a Summer Immersion Program in Italy are planned to familiarize the community with the Italian language and culture.

Advisor: Maria Mansella

Jazz Ensemble

The CCRI Jazz Ensemble is an active, performing musical organization. It is offered as a one-credit course through the CCRI Music Department. The group meets and rehearses on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Rehearsal times are published each semester in the course schedule bulletin. The group gives several performances each semester, both on and off campus. In the past, the CCRI Jazz Ensemble has performed at the Williams College Jazz Festival, MIT's New England Collegiate Jazz Festival, the U-Mass Dartmouth Jazz Festival, and the URI Jazz and World Music Festival. The Ensemble has recorded several cassettes, and has sponsored field trips to jazz performances in Boston and New York City. The CCRI Jazz Ensemble welcomes students who are interested in performing Jazz, and who are willing to make a strong commitment to a hard-working and rewarding musical organization. Membership is open to any CCRI student. Auditions are held during the first two scheduled classes.

Advisor: Steve Lajoie

Meditation and Yoga Club

The Meditation & Yoga Club is an opportunity for all students to participate in two great forms of the natural healing arts. Regardless of experience level, all that attend the weekly meetings will benefit from the goals of Meditation & Yoga, mainly to reduce stress and promote the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Meditation is a valuable tool to become a more resilient, focused, peaceful, and productive person. It is the goal of this club to help students of all ages and backgrounds to find relaxation and meditation techniques that help them find more peace, clarity, and joy in their daily lives. Open to all.  The Meditation & Yoga Club meets weekly on Thursday afternoons at 1:00 in room 1130 at the Warwick Campus.

Advisor: Audrey Kaiser

Music Club

For all musicians and supporters of live music performance. The Music Club meets at the Warwick Campus, approximately once a month during the fall and more often in the spring semester. Please see posters in the basement of the Round Building for meeting times, or contact Dr. Kaiser. The Music Club offers an opportunity for musicians and music enthusiasts to participate in and assist with the production of musical performances that contribute to college life at CCRI. These productions offer CCRI students the opportunity to gain experience performing music, or to participate as non-performance technical support. The primary event supported by the Music Club is called Hello BROADWAY! which is performed annually the last two weeks in June, with auditions in early April. In addition, the Music Club sponsors the Deborah Griffin Scholarship Fundraiser (the opening performance of Hello BROADWAY!).

Advisor: Audrey Kaiser

New Media Group

The CCRI New Media Group (NMG) was created to develop and cultivate the talent and technical skills of students with a common interest in digital media. The main objective of the NMG is to motivate and encourage current students studying new media, as well as attract new students who have an interest in the New Media field. Goals of the NMG include: informing and educating members through the development of guest speakers, debates, excursions, and interacting with successful business located in and around Rhode Island for networking and internships. The NMG also strives to assist its members in compiling valuable resources, and building a support system both inside and outside the CCRI community.

Advisor: Sandra Luzzi Sneesby and Norman Grant

Opera Club

The Opera Club is for those who wish to perform, promotes and supports education and appreciation of the operatic art, as artists and as audience members, and to promote public awareness of the relevance and value of the operatic art for all individuals and the community.

Advisor: Amanda Santo

Psychology Club

The Psychology Club’s mission is to promote interest in the field of psychology and to provide students with opportunities to hear speakers, take field trips, attend conferences, perform community service, and participate in informal social activities. Topics of interest have included: hypnotherapy, dream interpretation, cognitive neuroscience, behavior modification, attention deficit disorder, and obsessive compulsive disorder. Other areas of possible interest include, stress management, forensic psychology, addiction, sexual orientation, violence and terrorism, and careers in psychology. Each semester, the officers in consultation with advisors, determine meeting times and schedule of events. Members are also invited to provide input. All Psychology majors are encouraged to become members, but any student interested in the field of psychology and/or the helping professions is welcome.

Advisors: Rachel Rogers and Regina Traficante

Role Players Guild

The Role Players’ Guild of CCRI is an organization that promotes teamwork, creativity, strategic planning, diversity, higher order thinking and cooperation and fair play. These goals are accomplished through activities such as community service, fundraising, role playing. The club sponsors and participates in competitive events and tournaments, guest speakers and field trips. Some of the strategic game play includes but is not limited to Dungeons and Dragons, White Wolf, Palladium, Mage Knight, Warhammer, GURPS, etc. Also, the club is involved in many community service activities and fundraising for charitable organizations. All students, both full and part-time and are in good standing are eligible to participate regardless of course of study.

Advisor: David Alfano

Skills USA

Skills USA is a co-curricular organization that has two chapters operating out of the Knight and Flanagan campuses. Skills USA members are students enrolled in trade, career, industrial, technical, and health occupational programs. Skills USA sponsor many programs that will help their members develop a professional attitude toward their trade. Skills USA has a competitive events program that allows students to compete for awards in their chosen career field. State winners compete on a national level at the National Skills USA Championships. These competitions are designed and judged by experts from business and industry. Students are awarded gold, silver, and bronze medals in an Olympic type ceremony. Chapter activity focus on combining educational and social skills into a dynamic club for career minded students.

Advisor: Joshua Klemp and Joann Warren

Strategic Knights Club

The Gamers’ Club of CCRI is an organization that encourages high order thinking skills (HOTS), action/reaction, fair play, citizenship and working under pressure. The purpose of this organization is to foster and promote teamwork, cooperation, independent thinking, decision making and social interaction through participation in such activities as community service and such games as Chess, Magic, Bridge, Mage Knight, Risk, Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly, etc. Also, the club is involved in many community service activities and fundraising for charitable organizations. All students, both full and part time, are eligible to participate regardless of their course of study.

Advisor: David Alfano

Student Veterans Organization

The purpose of the Student Veterans Organization will be to provide a network of support for military veterans, their families and supporters. Secondly, our purpose is to educate the college community about the experiences of military veterans and work with the college administration to meet the needs of student veterans and prospective student veterans.

Advisor:  Kevin Ziegelmayer

Triangle Alliance

The purpose of the Triangle Alliance is to support lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, or questioning students, staff, and faculty at CCRI by giving them a chance to come together as a community. Also, the Triangle Alliance shall serve to educate the larger CCRI community on the issues faced by LGBTQQ people, and to engage the larger CCRI community in discussions of gender, sexuality, and social justice. 

Advisors: William Pellicio

Knight Active Student Organizations

Phi Theta Kappa

Phi Theta Kappa is an international honor society organization for community and junior colleges throughout the United States and abroad. Its intent is to recognize the most successful students academically. To be eligible for entrance at the Community College of Rhode Island, students must have a 3.75 GPA or above, with a minimum of 24 and no more than 48 earned credits, be a matriculating, degree-seeking student and be of good character. Membership in Phi Theta Kappa is regarded as a high honor and is noted on student's transcript.

Advisor: Laurie Sherman

The Players (Theater)

The CCRI Players produce and present four major productions each academic year, one of which is student-directed. Plays are chosen to expose students to a variety of dramatic styles and periods. Fully mounted productions, open to the public, are staged at the Warwick, Lincoln, and Providence campuses. Students have the opportunity to gain practical experience in all area of theatre production, under the supervision of the Theatre faculty and staff. All Players’ productions are entered in the annual Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival. All students, full or part-time, are welcome to participate in CCRI Players’ productions, regardless of their course of study.

Advisor: Berthold Silverberg and Jeffery Butterworth

Psi Beta

Psi Beta is the national honor society in psychology for community and junior college students. Its purpose is to promote and recognize general scholarship and interest in psychology, at two-year colleges in the United States. At CCRI, a student must have completed two courses in psychology, including General, with a "B" average, have a 3.0 cumulative index with 16 or more earned credits, and be of good character. The Chapter has regular meetings in conjunction with the Psychology Club to learn more about the field. Also, several students attend the New England Psychology Association Conference in the fall, and when possible, the Eastern Psychology Association Conference in the spring. The Chapter has at least one or two service learning projects, including activities with the local Head Start Program. Qualified candidates at any CCRI campus are encouraged to apply.

Advisors: Rachel Rogers and Regina Traficante

Student Nurses' Organization (SNO)

Advisors: Elaine Amato-Vealey and Patricia Kelling

Knight Non-Active Student Clubs/Organizations


Dance Club

The purpose of the CCRI Dance Team is meant to allow students the opportunity to promote athletics and school spirit. The team’s goal is to help enhance camaraderie and passion for CCRI, its missions and goals of the Office of Student Life.

Advisor: TBA

Game Development Club

Not currently active, please contact the adviser below if interested in leading the organization.

The Game Development Club's goals are to allow members to learn and practice the activities related to the development of video games, including, but not limited to, computer programming and asset (graphic, sound) design. The environment will be social, educational, and productive.

Advisor: Margaret Burke

History Club

To spread the interest and knowledge in the subject of History across the CCRI Community by organizing discussions, film series, field trips and talks by outside speakers.

Advisor: TBA

Kappa Beta Delta

Not currently affiliated with Student Government or Office of Student Life, please contact the adviser below if interested in participating in the organization.

This organization is an honor society that recognizes students for their academic achievements in associate degree programs of business administration. Kappa Beta Delta member institutions are accredited through the Accreditation Council of Business Schools and Programs. The purposes of the Society are to encourage and recognize scholarship and accomplishment among students and to encourage and promote personal and professional improvement and a life distinguished by honorable service to humankind.

Advisor: John Ribezzo

Math Club

Not currently active, please contact the adviser below if interested in leading the organization. 

Advisor: Joseph Allen

Outdoor Adventure Club

Not currently active, please contact the adviser below if interested in leading the organization. 

The Outdoor Adventure Club's objective is to allow CCRI students the opportunity to experience and learn more about various outdoor activities. Club events typically include hiking, rafting, camping, canoeing, and climbing. Other events of this nature are scheduled based on member input. Usually the club holds a start of semester meeting to elect officers, determine group interests, bring in new members, and generate a semester schedule of events. New members are accepted at any time. Additionally, each semester the club tries to conduct at least one service project, organize one training event (CPR, WFA, Safety Afloat, etc.), and schedule one social event / equipment maintenance day. Events are scheduled on alternate days and alternate times to try and satisfy a diverse student population.

Advisor: Jody Robinson

Political Science Club

A political discussion group for students to explore political reality and issues.

Advisor: TBA

Six String Spirit

Not currently active, please contact the adviser below if interested in leading the organization.

The purpose of “Six String Spirit” will be to educate students on the history of the guitar and the many aspects of the guitar including playing the guitar. Education of the guitar will happen between members of the club that are experienced guitarist and beginner guitarist. Through peer interaction and education, it is the goal of the club to encourage and teach team work skills.

Advisor:  Cheri Markward

Student Alumni Association

Not currently active, please contact the adviser below if interested in leading the organization.

The CCRI Student Alumni Association (SAA) is sponsored by the Alumni Association and fosters a sense of pride and tradition in the College. The group promotes an active program of recruitment and commitment among both students and alumni. The programs are developed to promote interaction between students and alumni for the betterment of the college. The primary goals of the organization are to generate spirit-surrounding CCRI student body and by involving students in College programs. SAA works with the Alumni Association to serve as ambassadors for CCRI and raise money for the Alumni Fund.

Advisor: Marisa Albini

Togetherness, Loving, and Care Club

Not currently active, please contact the adviser below if interested in leading the organization.

The aim of this club shall be to share and promote equality, friendship, and happiness in and around Community College of Rhode Island. 

Advisor:  Carol Gold

Knight Former Student Clubs/Organizations

  • American Chemical Society
  • Artful Afternoon Club
  • Association for Women in Technology
  • Biology Club
  • Career Club
  • Criminal Justice Association (Law Enforcement Club)
  • Dive Club
  • Economics Club
  • Entrepreneurship Educational and Development Club
  • Fossil and Mineral Enthusiasts
  • Knight Diversity Club
  • Newman Club
  • Philosophy Club
  • Riding Club
  • SCTE Club
  • Share Our Strength Culinary Club
  • Spanish Club
  • Student Nurses Organization

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