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Community College of Rhode Island

Environmental/Safety Committee Meeting Minutes


November 25, 1998

TO:          Bill Mercer, Ed Jacques, Kathy Twining, Manny Terezakis,  Edna O'Neill Mattson, Barbara Legg, Richard Dutch, George Sousa, Donna Scattone, Joanne Jacobs, Dennis Melander

FROM:            Stephen F. MarginsonDean of Administration


RE:                  Environmental/Safety Committee Meeting Notes

Meeting called to order at 11:15 a.m. on Thursday, November 19, 1998, Flanagan Campus


Attendees:  Stephen Marginson, Bill Mercer (KC), Ed Jacques (FC), Kathy Twining (KC), Manny Terezakis (FC), Edna O'Neill Mattson (KC), Richard Dutch (KC), George Sousa (FC),  Donna Scattone (KC), Joanne Jacobs (FC), Barbara Legg (KC), Dennis Melander (KC)

1.     Update given by Dean Marginson:

A.     Environmental Research Management Corporation: The three educational institutions contracted with ERM to analyze the College's procedures as they relate to environmental issues on campus.  The Community College faired well.  The final report had not been issued as of this meeting date.

B.     Construction projects: The $200,000 HVAC project in Lincoln is being completed.  George Sousa says Honeywell is finalizing their work on the controls.  Will finish by the first of the year.

C.     Discussion that new fume hoods are being installed.

D.    Inform constituency about the Knight and Providence Campuses' addition/renovations.  Knight Campus construction to begin April 1999.  Steve asked Committee to field any complaints.

E.      Renovations at Providence Campus: Area of the building that has no air conditioning is being renovated.  Also, converting an existing classroom into a daycare center.  Work should be complete by March, 99.

F.      Bond Issue to expand Providence Campus was passed: Will begin design late Spring.  Design will take 8 - 10 months.  $6.5 million project.

2.     Departmental Reports:

A.     A discussion regarding the new procedure on the delivery of tank gases was discussed.

B.     Bill discussed the Knight Campus water problem: Discoloration of the Knight Campus water supply can be caused by sediment in the pipes as a result of construction on the main roads surrounding the Campus.  The Campus' water supply comes from an 8" main and is part of the city water supplied by the Scituate Reservoir.  Manny will call ESS to test water.

C.     Bill discussed pigeon droppings on ramp at Knight Campus: Custodial staffs are cleaning the area regularly.  College is contracting with a company to discuss a way to discourage the pigeons from roosting in that area.

D.    Cleanliness in restrooms was discussed: Bill states that maintenance should be notified when these situations occur so that they can be attended to.  Noted that all lavatories will be cleaned extensively over the Christmas break.

E.      Kathy Twining indicated there were unsanitary practices involving the kitchen staff.  Employees will go outside to smoke and return without washing hands.  Question was brought up as to whether or not staff is required to wear plastic gloves (they are).  Kitchen employees have been seen eating food with the gloves on then serving someone immediately after (Steve M. will follow up).

F.      Fumes in machine shop: There is a requisition that has a tentative award which will provide HVAC for that area.  Will be complete within a couple of months

      Smoking on the loading dock.  Smoking outside the loading dock should be moved down the stairs.  A discussion to put up an old bus stop to shield smokers was brought up and request denied.

G.     Smoking at designated areas at the Knight Campus is sometimes being ignored.  Smokers are moving inside as the weather gets colder.  Security will be notified to pull student I.D.'s from violators.

H.    Kathy Twining brought up the fact that the Committee has no student representation.  Steve indicated that many requests were made for student representation, but no one was ever sent.  Kathy will see if someone is interested.

I.        The issue regarding gas cylinders was revisited by Joanne Jacobs: George responded that a specially designed hand truck is being ordered to transport the cylinders from area to area.

J.    Ed Jacques discussed that smoke had enveloped the maintenance area when an engine that was started on the  loading dock misfired.  George indicated that this was an isolated incident and should not happen again.

K.  People are inquiring about the computer wiring that is around the Campuses.  This will be cleaned up very soon once the wiring necessary to provide Internet access is completely installed.

L.   Dennis indicated that controls are being upgraded in Mod. I, air quality will improve.  George states that there will be better control of the air temperature.

M.    Kathy Twining questions the cleaning of the lights in the student services area.  Will be scheduled for semester break.

3.     Report from Manny Terezakis:

-          Manny discusses getting rid of any chemicals that are not necessary.

-          Indicated that there are no radioactive materials in the building.

-          Will be conducting radon testing at the Flanagan Campus again according to the required schedule.

-          Safe rooms have been designated at all three campuses for handicapped individuals in the case of a fire.  Each area will be equipped with call boxes that will notify Security in the event of a problem.  Information will be published when all call boxes are in place and operational.

-          Manny to check on the proper way to dispose of student ID film.