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Environmental/Safety Committee Meeting Minutes

Community College of Rhode Island

Dean of Administration

October 29, 2001

TO:           Bill Mercer, Ed Jacques, Kathy Twining, Manny Terezakis, Edna O’Neill Mattson, Barbara Legg, George Sousa, Jim Ellis, Bob Ryan, Bob Antonson, Lou Rainone, Diane Alba, Richard Robinson, Cathy Tessier, Donna Scattone, Joanne Jacobs, Dennis Melander

FROM:      Stephen F. Marginson, Dean of Administration

RE:             Environmental/Safety Committee Meeting Notes

Meeting called to order at 10:15 a.m. on Wednesday, October 24, 2001, Flanagan Campus.

Attendees: Stephen Marginson (KC), Bill Mercer (KC), Ed Jacques (FC), Manny Terezakis (FC), Edna O’Neill Mattson (KC), George Sousa (FC), Joanne Jacobs (FC), Jim Ellis (KC), Bob Ryan (FC), Bob Antonson (FC), Lou Rainone (KC), Diane Alba (KC), Richard Robinson (FC), Barbara Legg (KC), Cathy Tessier (FC)

Dean Marginson noted that this was a special meeting of the Environmental/Safety Committee to discuss the precautions the College is taking to protect Faculty, Staff, and Students against any biological threats. In addition to the regular members of the committee, representatives from the campus mailrooms and receiving departments were present to discuss their concerns regarding the receipt/acceptance of any suspect mail/packages.

Dean Marginson reported on the action that was taken regarding contaminants in the Student Services Area at the Lincoln Campus as a result of an increased occurrence of Breast Cancer among women in the area.

Action Taken: Dr. Terezakis and Dean Marginson scheduled a meeting with the Department of Health and CCRI staff members to discuss any questions or concerns. Testing of the area was completed by an outside laboratory and a report with the results was generated. No problems were noted.

A discussion was held regarding bio-terrorism and the risk of exposure to Anthrax via the mail. A policy was developed with regard to the handling of exposure incidents.

Dr. Terezakis indicated that there was also useful information posted on the internet. The College's Bioterrorism Preparedness Program will be distributed via e-mail to all faculty and staff.

Security personnel and Dr. Terezakis will be meeting with the EMA this afternoon to discuss additional concerns.

Environmental/Safety Committee

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October 29, 2001

Bob Ryan, Lincoln Mailroom, discussed instituting a policy regarding better envelope addressing techniques.

A discussion regarding Security Personnel being a first response team. It was noted that Security should immediately secure any area in question, evacuate any personnel, and contact the local authorities.

Chief Ellis has ordered masks and gloves to be kept in their office, too.

Lou Rainone questioned what security personnel should do if they locate anything suspicious while out on patrol around the buildings or the surrounding area. RESPONSE: They should assess the situation, secure the area, and take all necessary precautions to maintain a safe environment.

Bob Ryan discussed how to handle any inappropriate conversations that may be overheard throughout the building. Dean Marginson indicated that anything that seems to pose a threat should be reported to Security.

Joanne Jacobs discussed the CDC Website. Indicated that the site covers some very useful information.

Lou Rainone distributed letters from Donna Scattone and Charlene Moniz regarding the air quality in Ms. Scattone's work area. There is something in Ms. Scattone's area that is causing her to be ill upon entering the area.

Until the problem can be identified, Ms. Scattone can be relocated to another area of the building. A thorough cleaning of the area, our handling unit and replacement of a section of carpet will be completed ASAP. If the situation cannot be resolved, Ms. Scattone and the entire Computer Studies Dept. will be moved to a new location.

Dr. Terezakis will be checking the area and perform any necessary tests.

Dean Marginson indicated that roof repairs are beginning. A requisition to have the roof replaced is in process.

Dr. Terezakis analyzed the area on the 3rd floor regarding drainage of fluids due to roof leaks no problems were noted. Lou Rainone to follow up with maintenance to make sure that this drainage is no longer happening.


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