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Environmental/Safety Committee Meeting Minutes

Dean of Administration

April 6, 1998

Environmental Health and Safety Committee- CCRI


Bill Mercer, Ed Jacques, Kathy Twining, Manny Terezakis, Edna O'Neill Mattson, James R. Ellis, George Sousa, Donna Scattone, Joanne Jacobs


Stephen F. Marginson Dean of Administration


Environmental/Safety Committee Meeting Notes

Meeting called to order at 11:10 a.m. on Thursday, March 26,1998, Flanagan Campus

Attendees: Stephen Marginson, Bill Mercer (KC), Ed Jacques (FC), Kathy Twining (KC), Manny Terezakis (FC), Edna O'Neill Mattson (KC), James R. Ellis (KC), George Sousa (FC), Donna Scattone (KC), Joanne Jacobs (FC).

1. HVAC Work: Construction of new air-handling units in security and maintenance areas at Lincoln campus is planned (has been awaiting funding). Pre-construction meeting scheduled for next week.

Telecommunications cabling job at Warwick is 95-98(/1o completed. Workers praised for minimizing disruption during the process.

2. Report from Manny Terezakis: A. Radon Testing: All campuses were tested. Several basement areas at KN tested slightly above but when re-tested were not elevated. No intervention required.

B. Criminalistics Program:  Hoods have been ordered for chemicals which will be used.

C. Sewage Discharge: CCRI is within acceptable standards for sewage disposal.

D. Fire Extinguisher Training: A voluntary fire extinguisher training workshop is scheduled for April 27 at all three campuses (details to follow). It was determined that appropriate attendees might include security, physical plant and laboratory personnel. Local fire departments will be notified because an open gasoline fire will be part of the demonstration. Interested people should contact Manny Terezakis.

E. Biomedical Waste: New vendor has been hired for biomedical waste removal. Will do in-service training for lab personnel and has suggested better sharps containers be used. Containers will be purchased.

F. Several Meetings have been held with a representative of the Governor's Committee.


Environmental/Safety Committee Meeting Minutes Page 2 April 6, 1998

 Steve stated we need to have the written policy available in the Security Office for individuals to read. Also addressed, was the issue of making sure that all students who would need to use this safety system are aware of it. Faculty should also be aware of the policy so they can assist as needed. It was suggested to put information in the Student Update. Steve suggested we add information on the policy to die faculty notice that is sent out at the beginning of each semester.

G. ITT Hartford control seminars and 2-day emergency planning workshop/ industrial hygiene seminars may be offered as part of' college's insurance coverage.

H. Occupational Health and Rehabilitation: Needs a way to recognize our students and be able to bill the college for treatment. There have been problems with students not receiving care. Possibly develop a letter from the college that the student would hand-carry to OH&R. Manny working on this.

1. In addition to the HVAC upgrade in basement at FC, hoods will be installed for painting mid welding. 011-based paint usage has been drastically reduced: workers need to be encouraged to use the vacuum on the saws to reduce dust.

J. Waste disposal now includes fluorescent lights.

2. Smoke-free Enforcement Policy:

-Steve reviewed the policy on smoking in the buildings. Both non-compliant students and employees are subject to a formal disciplinary process. A memo will be sent to supervisors reminding them of this process and general enforcement of the policy.

a) supervisor discusses problem with employee; 2) supervisor counsels employee regarding problem; 3) oral reprimand if problem continues; 4) written reprimand; 5) suspension; 6) discharge. b) speak to student directly; 2) call security if student continues; 3)  student will meet with Dean of Students; 4) if non-compliance continues despite counseling by Dean, student may be suspended.

4. Written complaints from employees were addressed:


Environmental/Safety Committee Meeting Minutes

Page 3

April 6, 1998

Cleaning at KC: Bill Mercer announced that a new company has been hired as of March 1st for cleaning in Warwick. Improvement should occur - more hours contracted. - State Car Defroster - We need to identify which vehicle has the problem Lighting in stair-wells, etc. at KC - lights should be left on - issue is being addressed.

5. Plans for new addition at Warwick:

 Steve announced that the design work is almost done, projecting requests for bid May-June.

ID contractor - September

Start construction November (faculty & staff will move on a scheduled basis)

Optimistic completion date of September, 2000

Meeting Adjourned at 12 p.m.


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