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Community College of Rhode Island

Contact Information

Rick Foote
EHS Outsourcing Program Director
Triumvirate Environmental or
Tel: 617-686-6184 or 401-333-7129 

Geraldine Dambreville
EHS Advisor
Triumvirate Environmental
Tel: 857-270-1575 

Mariana Siquiera
Environmental Specialist
Triumvirate Environmental Tel: 508-272-2789

Environmental Health & Safety Committee

CCRI's Environmental Health and Safety Committee with representatives from a broad range of college constituencies meets regularly to offer insights and provide a vital communication link to the entire college community. The Committee tackles such diverse issues as smoking, indoor air quality, drinking water quality, laboratory safety, new construction, fire extinguisher training, hazardous waste disposal, housekeeping and cleanliness, pest control, and personal protective equipment training. Anyone may send an e-mail message to the committee about safety and environmental concerns at CCRI by clicking on a committee member's name below.

Committee Members
Name Department / Title Campus Telephone E-mail
Francine Luizzi-Bench Dental Health Flanagan 333-7228
Walter Crocker Director of Liston Campus Liston 333-6011
Hellen DuCharme DFS Department Flanagan
Dan Farrell Physical Plant Flanagan 333-7047
William Ferland Director of Administration Knight 825-1210
Will Salter EHS Consultant All 524-7505
Kim Ward Biology Liston 455-6083
Edna O'Neill Mattson Facilities Use Coordinator
Mary Baker Administrative Assistant to the Dean Flanagan 333-7135  
Kenneth McCabe Director of Physical Plant Knight 825-2111
Regina Cobb Therapeutic Massage Program Newport 851-1681
Kevin Salisbury Associate Director of Athletics/Student-Life Flanagan 333-7316
Rick Foote Environmental, Health and Safety Coordinator   617-686-6184
401-333-7129 or

Nancy Mendes Learning Resource Center Liston 455-6088
David Snow Associate Director of Physical Plant Flanagan 333-7155
Student Representative   Knight    
Student Representative   Flanagan    
Student Representative   Liston    
Student Representative   Newport County    
Dale Wetherell Security/College Police Flanagan 333-7035
ext. 7034
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