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Community College of Rhode Island

CCRI Fall Classic Scholarship Recipients

Sandra Lee

Sandra Lee"The Raymond A. Ferland and Joseph P. DiMaria Student Assistance Scholarship helped me to continue my education and realize this dream of becoming fully self-supporting once again in a field where I can help people and be compensated for my skills and my knowledge. The money helped me keep a roof over my head and food in my mouth while I was pursuing this degree. It’s essential. I’m extremely grateful that there are scholarships such as this one available to people like me who really want to change their lives to make a difference in the lives of others and need help doing it."

~Sandra Lee
Radiography Class of 2014

Aderoju Adekitan

Aderoju Adekitan '14 "I cannot quantify how pleased I am to be the beneficiary of the Raymond A. Ferland and Joseph P. DiMaria Student Assistance Scholarship this academic session. I will forever be grateful. Nursing education is very expensive but this scholarship helps make it more affordable for me. I would like to thank the generous donors who are helping me achieve my goal."

~Aderoju Adekitan
Nursing major

Nicole L. LeBlanc

Nicole L. LeBlanc"The people who provide these scholarship opportunities are so generous and so selfless. I wouldn’t be able to become a nurse without them. I would still probably be waiting to apply for the program knowing that money would be what is stopping me, and I don’t think that’s how it should be. I can’t thank the donors enough - they are giving me an opportunity to succeed."

~Nicole L. LeBlanc
Nursing major

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