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Community College of Rhode Island

Consider a gift to the State Employees Charitable Appeal

A message from the President, Dec. 13, 2012

SECA The Rhode Island State Employees Charitable Appeal is celebrating its 28th year with the theme, “Coming Together, Taking Care of Home.” Throughout the years, your donations to the social, health and human service agencies that SECA represents have not only helped to support so many of your fellow Rhode Islanders but have also helped to sustain altruistic programs across the United States.

As state employees, we can simplify our charitable giving through the easy to use SECA appeal. Collectively, our good will help hundreds of area nonprofits, national organizations and international charities. Individually, each of you can choose to support causes that speak to your personal priorities and favorite causes.

The college has set a CCRI employee charitable giving goal of $40,000 – a goal that is both admirable and achievable. Our efforts last year resulted in an impressive total of more than $29,800. Thank you to all who choose to support this worthwhile cause.

I also want to remind you that your giving options include #6252, the CCRI Foundation, which supports important college-wide initiatives including student scholarships, educational equipment purchases, campus events, facilities beautification, college athletics and library acquisitions.

On behalf of the college and the greater community, thank you for considering this opportunity to help those in need.

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