Student Financial Hold Policy


POLICY TITLE: Student Financial Hold Policy
EFFECTIVE: January 13, 2017


Student Financial Holds are code indicators in the Banner system that prevent online registration and restrict other student privileges. They are used by the Bursar Office, Workforce Partnerships, and the Bookstore. The holds are placed and removed on overdue students’ accounts via an automated process or manually by authorized personnel. They are the primary tool used in the collection process.


Student financial holds are to be placed on the student’s account shortly after the account has become overdue or before the next registration and billing cycle begins. Students may already be registered before a hold can be placed because of the overlapping academic calendar. In this case, the student will be billed for the outstanding balance along with the current charges. The hold will restrict viewing of grades and other privileges. The hold is to remain in place until payment is made or the student has made arrangements to clear the balance, such as authorized financial aid, a past balance payment plan, third party authorization, or the Second Chance Program. Such payment arrangements are to be formalized and documented. For audit purposes, holds are to be expired not deleted. Holds may only be expired by the automated process or the department placing the hold.

Automated process: The Bursar office will run TGPHOLD “Auto Release Hold Process” in banner during non-billing time periods. The process is to run periodically and especially before registration begins and after the return to Title IV calculations are made at the end of a semester.
Holds will be placed on all accounts with outstanding account balances irrespective of term. Students with balances greater than $100.00 will have a hold placed that restricts registration and other student privileges such as grades and transcripts. Students with balances from $5.00 to $99.99 will have a lesser hold placed on their account that does not restrict registration but will still prevent the other privileges including grades and transcripts.

The balances will reflect authorized aid, payment plan memos, EOC application memos, deferred placement fee memos and second chance memos. The entire hold table will be refreshed during this process and include current, past, credit, and Workforce Partnerships terms. The holds are to be removed by the same process that will run on a scheduled basis every 30 minutes. The process will look for the same criteria of total account balances including aid and memos.

Manual Holds:  Manual holds are placed on the student account for balances that occur outside of the normal billing process such as NSF checks, unreturned text rentals, and other debt that must be immediately addressed.  Holds are to be placed by authorized personnel and should only be removed by authorized personnel from the same department upon payment or other documented payment arrangements.

C. Exceptions:

Administrative Discretion: Administrators at the Vice President level or higher may request that a hold be removed or a registration overridden based on extenuating circumstances. The request must be made in writing or in the form of an email. The documentation is to be saved by the department that placed the hold.

Financial Aid: Students who demonstrate potential eligibility for enough financial aid to cover their prior term balance and the current semester charges may have their hold expired. The request must be submitted on a “Financial Hold Release Request Form” and verified through the financial aid office.

Past Payment Plans: Students may have their hold expired if they enroll at the Bursar’s Office for an EasyPay past payment plan. The student must enter into a formal agreement and pay the first payment along with the payment plan setup fee. Additional charges will automatically be distributed amongst the remaining payments.

Private Loans: Students use private loans to pay for past balances as well as current year charges. If the student qualifies for a private loan, the Financial Aid officer will initial the confirmation page and send the student to the Bursar Office. The teller will then scan a copy of the confirmation and release the hold so the student can register.

Third Party Authorizations, Scholarships, and Outside Resources: Holds will be removed for students that provide authorizations from a third party sponsor, scholarship or outside resource that pledge to cover the prior balance. Copies of the authorization are to be retained with the Bursar’s third party contract files.

The Dean of Student Development: Students that are referred by the Dean of Student Development that can demonstrate a short-term plan to clear a past balance may have their hold removed. The Dean may intercede on a student’s behalf and submit a written/email summary of the scholarship or outside resources, along with supporting documentation of how the balance is to be paid. This may include nonconventional funding or a combination of funding sources.

Workforce Partnerships DOC Contract: The Director of Workforce Partnerships may request to the Associate Controller permission to override the hold for a student in the DOC program. The current charges must be covered by the contract and student must be counseled on their financial obligation by a Workforce Partnerships coordinator. The Associate Controller will review and post the decision on the comment form (SPACMNT) in Banner.


The Office of the Controller is responsible for implementing and maintaining this policy.

APPROVED:      ____________________________       Date: 1/17/17

                                    Dr. Meghan Hughes, President

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