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Program Guidelines

  • You are required to meet with the Campus Coordinator regularly.
  • You are encouraged to meet with your student’s professor at least three times during the semester for the purpose of reviewing the student's progress. A letter of introduction will be provided for each student.
  • A separate sign-in sheet will be used when meeting with professors so you may be paid.
  • All tutoring will take place at the Community College in the Success Center on each campus during the Centers' hours of operation. [Lincoln Hours, Providence Hours, Warwick Hours, Newport Hours]
  • Tutoring will not be permitted during College breaks without prior approval of the Campus Coordinator. You will provide no more than three hours a week per subject of tutoring per student. Exceptions will be made on an individual basis with prior approval of the Campus Coordinator.
  • Group tutoring will be permitted only in high demand courses with prior approval of the Campus Coordinator.
  • You will meet your student at the Success Center in order to sign in before each tutoring session.
  • Tutoring sessions should be scheduled at a time which is mutually agreed upon by both you and your student. A copy of that schedule should be submitted to the Campus Coordinator after the first tutoring session.
  • If you are unable to keep a scheduled appointment, you must make every attempt to contact your student before the scheduled appointment. A phone is available with permission in the Success Center for this purpose.
  • In the event that your student cannot be reached at home, you are expected to leave a message at the Success Center Front Desk. Telephone messages will be accepted.
  • If your student misses two or more scheduled meetings without notifying the Campus Coordinator or you, he/she can be suspended from the program.
  • If a student is excessively canceling meetings, the Campus Coordinator should be notified. You should report all missed appointments to the Campus Coordinator.
  • Any conflicts between you and your student should be brought immediately to the attention of the Campus Coordinator. This includes scheduling conflicts as well as personal or professional concerns.
  • Always remember…Passing the course is the responsibility of the student NOT the Peer Tutor.

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