Community and Social Resources Office


The mission of the Community and Social Resources Office is to reduce barriers to academic success and program completion by connecting students to social support systems in their community such as:

  • Emergency Food
  • Emergency Housing
  • Childcare
  • Medical Assistance
  • Mental Health/Substance Abuse Treatment
  • Support Services for those Recovering from Violence/Trauma
  • Transportation
  • Legal Services


To obtain these services students are encouraged to contact Shanna Wells directly or obtain a referral through a CCRI faculty or staff member. Any students, faculty or staff may submit a referral online.


The Community and Social Resources Directory provides links to more information on the services students have access to through the office.

Adulting 101

Do you know how to:

  • Write a check?
  • Find and keep a job?
  • Open a bank account?
  • Buy a car?
  • Cook a meal?
  • Handle a crisis?

Being a grown-up and taking care of your basic needs can be learned!  Check out our Adulting 101 on-line course of tips and resources to help you navigate adulthood.


Counselors have a professional obligation to respect the confidentiality of information that surfaces within the counseling process. They will reveal information to others only if it is with your written permission or in response to a valid legal subpoena. There are some exceptions to this rule that morally and legally require counselors to reveal confidential information. The counselors must reveal to others if:

  • You are a clear danger to yourself.
  • You reveal an intention to physically injure a third party.
  • You reveal acts of child abuse.

If you do not fully understand this statement, please ask your counselor for clarification.

Contact Information

Shanna Wells, Coordinator
Room 2222, 2nd Floor
Liston Campus
Tel: 401-455-6156
Fax: 401-455-6190

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