OES Staff Listing

Campus Locations: Knight: Warwick - Flanagan: Lincoln - Liston: Providence - Newport: Newport

Name Title Campus Telephone E-mail
John Araujo Associate Director of Admissions Flanagan 333-7172 jbaraujo@ccri.edu
Cindy Arce Records Analyst Flanagan 333-7490 carce@ccri.edu
Sue Barrett Admissions Officer Knight 825-2084 smbarrett@ccri.edu
Mary Luz Arias Sr. Financial Aid Officer Liston 455-6093 mlarias@ccri.edu
Crystal Bertrand Assistant Administrative Officer Liston 455-6092 clbertrand1@ccri.edu
Melissa Braun Assistant Registrar Flanagan 333-7091 mbraun@ccri.edu
Beverly Carrion Office Manager Flanagan 333-7360 bcarrion@ccri.edu
Gail Erinakes Sr. Financial Aid Officer Knight 825-2144 gerinakes@ccri.edu
Michelle Farrell Enrollment Services Representative Flanagan 333-7359 mfarrell1@ccri.edu
Pamela Forant Assistant Director of Financial Aid Flanagan 333-7319 pcforant@ccri.edu
Rob Giovino Associate Director of Admissions Knight 825-2288 rgiovino@ccri.edu
Deborah Holmes Sr. Enrollment Services Representative Knight 825-2437 dholmes@ccri.edu
Diane Holmes-Miller Enrollment Services Representative Knight 825-2157 dimiller@ccri.edu
Hui-Ling (Sunni) Hung Eligibility Technician Liston 455-6136 hhung@ccri.edu
Michael Hynes Sr. Admissions Officer Knight 825-2266 mhynes@ccri.edu
Joanne King Enrollment Services Representative Knight 825-2126 jking12@ccri.edu
Terri Kless Director of Admissions Knight 825-2278 tkless@ccri.edu
Andrea Lachapelle Associate Director Financial Aid - Service Knight 825-2100 amlachapelle@ccri.edu
Diane Lewis Enrollment Services Representative Flanagan 333-7098 dlewis@ccri.edu
Amy Luchka Senior Enrollment Services Representative Knight 825-1243 ahoopis@ccri.edu
Nancy McConaghy Enrollment Services Representative Flanagan 333-7093 nmcconaghy@ccri.edu
Diane McLaughlin Technical Staff Assistant Knight 825-1060 dmclaughlin@ccri.edu
Patricia Moore Assistant Director of Financial Aid Knight 825-2289 pamoore1@ccri.edu
Adam Moreau Admissions Officer Flanagan 333-7471 apmoreau@ccri.edu
Teresa A. Notarpippo Sr. Enrollment Services Representative Newport 851-1626 tnotarpippo@ccri.edu
Barry O'Connor, Jr. Associate Director of Enrollment Services Liston 455-6093 boconnor1@ccri.edu
Colleen R. Oliver Office Manager Knight 825-2060 croliver@ccri.edu
Joanne O'Neill Enrollment Services Representative Flanagan 333-7301 joneill5@ccri.edu
Michelle Walker Enrollment Services Representative Newport 851-1624 mcwalker2@ccri.edu
Cathy Tessier Director of Records Knight 825-2408 ctessier@ccri.edu
Jude Tomasino Associate Director of Records & Transfer Flanagan 333-7317 jatomasino@ccri.edu
Janet Vigorito Enrollment Services Representative Knight 825-2153 jhvigorito@ccri.edu
Mark Vigorito Associate Director of Financial Aid - Oper Knight 825-2202 mvigorito@ccri.edu
Deborah Watson Associate Director of Enrollment Services Newport 851-1637 dwatson@ccri.edu

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