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– Do you have your whole career mapped out?
– Unsure where the future will take you?
– Somewhere in between?

No matter what plans (or lack of plans) you have, give yourself the best chance for success: Have a mentor.

Because you are here at CCRI, we know you are tenacious, hardworking and determined. But no one succeeds alone. With a CCRI mentor, you have access to someone who's been where you are, and wants to share the tips, tricks and secrets that helped them succeed.

Whether you are looking for specific career advice or are just concentrating on getting through college, a mentor can help you see opportunities, find resources, make informed decisions and empower you to define success for yourself. CCRI mentors meet with a group of students. In this way, you benefit from the mentor’s experience and from a peer group mutually committed to each other’s success. You meet with your group once or twice a month and keep in contact electronically between meetings.

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Michael Cunningham
Dean of Students

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Last Updated: 5/23/18