Publicity options

When you notify us of your news, we'll talk with you about your target audience and let you the best way to reach them. When you fill out this form, we evaluate your news or project for the outlets below.

CCRI Event Calendar is a new feature on our homepage, and the perfect place to promote your event. Marketing is alerted when you submit an event through this calendar, so you do not have to fill out a separate marketing form, but absolutely let us know if you have any special requests and we will try to accommodate them.

Your website is the most effective place to publicize your events, special projects and news. If you are not sure who administers your website, a contact link is included at the bottom of each page. When you include this information on your website, we have the option to include it on our homepage – the most effective way to get the word out about your program. If you need more information, let us know.

Marketing materials are very useful for raising awareness of your program in general. We will work with your budget to provide beautiful, college-branded materials for outreach purposes.

Social media engagement is strong across our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn pages. If your information is appropriate for these channels, we will put in on our social media calendar for publicity.

Signs and kiosks are available on some campuses. If it is appropriate for the campus signs or kiosks, and space is available, we will add your information to the rotation.

Currents is a biweekly blog with news and announcements for CCRI faculty and staff produced by the college’s Department of Marketing and Communications. Currents is published every other Tuesday under the "For Employees" tab in MyCCRI and on the college website during the fall and spring semesters. This publication is opened and read more than single-subject emails. Submit information for Currents as you would any other news. Please include the date, time, room number, campus and contact person’s name and telephone extension as well as brief details about the event.

Email to students, faculty and staff are generally reserved for emergencies and special administrative announcements. Because your section of the website and newsletters are more effective for getting information to students and staff, we will offer these options as much as possible. Sending too many emails lowers the effectiveness of email open rates over all.

Video and/or photography can be strong way to get your message out. We have many requests for photo and video coverage of events and projects, so we might not be able to attend all events. We will ask how you plan to use the photos in future projects; if you are just looking for a record of your event with no plans to use photos, we might suggest alternatives.

External media is often an option for spotlights or projects of special interest to the media, or which fit in a larger college-wide media presence. Requesting the media attend an event or sending out a press release is not a guarantee of media attendance or attention. If you are interested in a newspaper or other media story, we might make suggestions about how to make your story more newsworthy. All media requests and press releases must come through the Department of Marketing and Communications.

Paid advertising is an option for departments with an advertising budget. If you are interested in paid advertising, we can work through college-approved channels and offer advice to get the most for your advertising dollar.

Fliers are a good back-up option for your other marketing efforts. We have a branded template you can use for new classes, events and other information. Please also refer to our sign policy for more information about posting fliers and other hard-copy information.

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Last Updated: 10/18/17