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 General Statistics

The Visits graph displays the overall number of visits to your Web site. The General Statistics table provides an overview of the activity for your Web site during the specified time frame.

General Statistics
Hits Entire Site (Successful) 4,724,890
Average per Day 147,652
Home Page 126,071
Page Views Page Views 373,632
Average per Day 11,676
Average per Unique Visitor 13
Document Views 364,437
Visits Visits 139,687
Average per Day 4,365
Average Visit Length 00:14:57
Median Visit Length 00:00:11
International Visits 0.00%
Visits of Unknown Origin 100.00%
Visits from United States 0.00%
Visits Referred by Search Engines 0
Visits from Spiders 2,777
Visitors Unique Visitors 27,998
Visitors Who Visited Once 19,197
Visitors Who Visited More Than Once 8,801

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