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About CCRI Marketing & Communications marketing@ccri.edu 2181
Access Kevin Novell knovell@ccri.edu
Administrative Office Technology (OFTD) Donna Scattone dscattone@ccri.edu 2155
Admissions (OES) Rob Giovino rgiovino@ccri.edu 2288
Advising & Counseling Center Wendy Parr wjparr@ccri.edu 2221
Affirmative Action Office Human Resources humanresources@ccri.edu 2311
Allied Health      
Alumni Affairs Marketing Dept. marketing@ccri.edu 7150
American Conference for Irish Studies (ACIS) Beth O'Leary Anish boanish@ccri.edu 7139
Americans with Disabilities Act Committee Kevin Novell knovell@ccri.edu 2305
Art Yvonne Leonard yleonard@ccri.edu 2068
Assistant Dean of Nursing Kevin Dias kdias6@ccri.edu 1122
Athletics Kevin Salisbury ksalisbury@ccri.edu 7316
Biology Karen Bouchard kbouchard@ccri.edu 2340
Bookstore Colleen D. Turcotte cdturcotte@ccri.edu 2159
Budget and Resource Committee Kent Gates kgates@ccri.edu 1114
Bursar Dennis Grassini dgrassini@ccri.edu 2151
Business Administration Barbara J. Nauman bnauman@ccri.edu 2251
Business Affairs Kent Gates kgates@ccri.edu 1114
Business Office Kent Gates kgates@ccri.edu 1114
Campaign for Our Students Robion McDuff rmcduff@ccri.edu 7150
College Police (CAMPUS POLICE) William Reynolds wreynolds@ccri.edu 2109
Career Planning   careerplanning@ccri.edu 2322
Career Services   careerplanning@ccri.edu 2322
CCRI Currents Marketing & Communications marketing@ccri.edu 2181
CCRIPSA John D. Vota jdvota@ccri.edu 7082
Center for Excellence and College Readiness (CECR) Barbie Sanborn bsanborn@ccri.edu
Center for Innovative Teaching, Learning and Assessment (CITLA) Michele Quaedvlieg mmquaedvlieg@ccri.edu 2233
Center for Workforce & Community Education (CWCE) Jaime Nash jnash@ccri.edu 7156
Chemistry Jocelyn Bluto jbluto@ccri.edu 2240
College Calendar Committee Sandra Sokoll ssokoll@ccri.edu 1074
College Catalog Marketing & Communications marketing@ccri.edu 2181
Computer Studies & Info Processing (COMP) Donna Scattone dscattone@ccri.edu 2155
Commencement Kristen Cyr klcyr@ccri.edu 1175
Communication Kathleen Beauchene kbeauchene@ccri.edu 7389
Connect to College (C2C) Kevin Novell knovell@ccri.edu  
Controller's Office Sharon Picard sapicard@ccri.edu 1071
Copyrights and Intellectual Property Web Services webservices@ccri.edu 1178
Criminal Justice & Legal Studies (laws) Mark England mengland@ccri.edu  
Critical Thinking Committee Peter Bardsley pbardsley@ccri.edu 1079
Dean of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences Jo-Ann Albro jalbro@ccri.edu 2034
Dean of Business, Science & Technology (dean-bst) Jennifer Beaudry jmbeaudry@ccri.edu 2147
Dean of Health & Rehabilitative Sciences (dean-hrs) Kevin Dias kdais6@ccri.edu 1122
Dean of Learning Resources (dean-lrc) Michele Quaedvlieg mmquaedvlieg@ccri.edu 2233
Delta Epsilon Chi (dex) John Ribezzo jribezzo@ccri.edu 2321
Dental Health Kerri Friel kfriel@ccri.edu 7277
Disability Services (DSS) Kevin Novell knovell@ccri.edu  
Distance Learning for Faculty Sandra Luzzi Sneesby sluzzisneesby@ccri.edu 2044
Distance Learning for Students (distance) Sandra Luzzi Sneesby sluzzisneesby@ccri.edu 2044
Driver Education (CWCE) Jaime Nash jnash@ccri.edu 7156
Educational Opportunity Center Nicole Katzman ndkatzman@ccri.edu 6076
Emergency Information Web Services webservices@ccri.edu 1178
Emergency Management & Homeland Security Joseph Arsenault jarsenault3@ccri.edu 2442
Engineering & Technology (ENGT) Kevin Crawford kcrawford@ccri.edu 1149
English Gail Yanku gyanku@ccri.edu 2262
Faculty Association Renée M. Anderson randerson@ccri.edu 2071
Financial Aid (OES) Andrea Lachapelle amlachapelle@ccri.edu 2100
Fire Science James Hinsey jhinsey@ccri.edu 6046
Foreign Languages & Cultures Carol Panaccione panaccione@ccri.edu 2011
Foundation Robion McDuff rmcduff@ccri.edu 7150
Foundations of Excellence Michele Quaedvlieg mmquaedvlieg@ccri.edu 2233
General Education Committee (gened) Jo-Ann Albro jalbro@ccri.edu 2034
German and French Club Carol Panaccione panaccione@ccri.edu 2011
Governance Kevin Salisbury ksalisbury@ccri.edu 7316
Hall of Fame Marketing & Communications marketing@ccri.edu 2181
Health Sciences Simulation Center Kevin Dias kdias6@ccri.edu 1122
Honors Program Karen Kortz kkortz@ccri.edu 7443
Human Resources Human Resources humanresources@ccri.edu 2311
Human Services (hmns) Ellen Ogrodnik eogrodnik@ccri.edu 2271
Information Technology (IT) Help Desk helpdesk@ccri.edu 1112
Institutional Research & Planning (IRPL) April Roberts aaroberts@ccri.edu 2225
Interfaith Center Julie Galleshaw jgalleshaw@ccri.edu 7226
Italian Club Maria Mansella mmansella@ccri.edu 2011
Jobs and Internships   careerplanning@ccri.edu  
Joint Admissions Agreement (JAA) Wendy Parr wjparr@ccri.edu 2221
Kids' College Kids' College kidscollege@ccri.edu 2033
Library Elizabeth Penta epenta@ccri.edu 1141
Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee (LOAC) Jeanne Mullaney jmullaney@ccri.edu 7222
Marketing and Communications Marketing & Communications marketing@ccri.edu 2181
Massage Therapy Regina Cobb rmcobb@ccri.edu 1681
Mathematics Jo-Ann Albro jalbro@ccri.edu 2256
NEASC Accreditation Peter Bardsley pbardsley@ccri.edu 1079
News & Events Kristen Cyr klcyr@ccri.edu 1175
Nursing James Hinsey jhinsey@ccri.edu 6046
Office of Enrollment Services
(OES, Admissions, FA & Records)
Web Admission webadmission@ccri.edu  
Office of Human Resources (hr) Human Resources humanresources@ccri.edu 2311
Office of Institutional Advancement (OIA) Robin McDuff rmcduff@ccri.edu 7150
Office of Opportunity and Outreach Kevin Novell knovell@ccri.edu 6013
Office of the President Marketing & Communications marketing@ccri.edu 2181
Office of the Vice President, Academic Affairs Peter Bardsley pbardsley@ccri.edu 1079
Peer Tutoring Sue Grundy sgrundy@ccri.edu 1108
Performing Arts (music & theater) Cheri Markward cmarkward@ccri.edu 2167
Prior Learning Assessment JoAnn Warren jwarren@ccri.edu 2321
Prismatic Perception(prism) Carol Panaccione panaccione@ccri.edu 2011
Physics Carla S Riles

criles@ccri.edu 2212
Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Margaret Connell mconnell@ccri.edu 2263
Psychology Michelle Rodriguez mrodriguez33@ccri.edu 2222
Psychology Club Dr. Edmond Zuromski ezuromski@ccri.edu 1151
REACH Barbie Sanborn bsanborn@ccri.edu 6013
Rehabilitative Health Programs Kimberly Crealey Rouillier krouillier@ccri.edu 1672
Safety (Environmental Health and Safety) Rick Foote ccrifoote@ccri.edu 7129
Security Workforce Action Team (SWAT) Bruce Barrett bbarrett@ccri.edu 2466
Service Learning (OSL) Brenda Pacheco bepacheco@ccri.edu 7075
Social Sciences (socsci) Lolita Villanueva llvillanueva@ccri.edu 2171
Strategic Planning Peter Bardsley pbardsley@ccri.edu 1079
Student Affairs Wendy Parr wjparr@ccri.edu 2221
Student Clubs (osl) Brenda Pacheco bepacheco@ccri.edu 7075
Student Government (sg) Brenda Pacheco bepacheco@ccri.edu 7075
Student Veterans Organization Brenda Pacheco bepacheco@ccri.edu 7075
Study Abroad Office Carol Panaccione panaccione@ccri.edu 2011
Success Centers Sue Grundy sgrundy@ccri.edu 1108
Sullivan Fund Kathleen Beauchene kbeauchene@ccri.edu 7389
Telephone & E-mail Directory Online (phone) Web Services webservices@ccri.edu  1178
Threat Assessment Committee Wendy Parr wjparr@ccri.edu 2221
Title IX Sheri L. Norton slnorton@ccri.edu 2311
Triangle Alliance Rekha Rosha rarosha@ccri.edu 1125
Veterans Education Assistance Andrea M. Lachapelle amlachapelle@ccri.edu 2100
Veteran Services Office Veteran Services veteranservices@ccri.edu 2281
Wellness Initiative Ellen Ogrodnik eogrodnik@ccri.edu 2271
Westerly Satellite Campus Jaime Nash jnash@ccri.edu 7156
Writing Center Karen Petit kmpetit@ccri.edu 2279

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