Duplicate Links

When one or more links use the same link text but point to different destinations...

...Or different link texts with the same destination are detected.

For sight-impaired users to be able to navigate a page by tabbing through links, each link must uniquely identify its destination. If two links share the same link text but have a different destination, the user can't determine where the link is directed.


This rule will detect if two links share the same link text, do not share the same URL, and a unique title is not specified. The inverse of having the same destination with different link text is also a problem as it causes confusion.

Quick fix

The most common occurrence is the repeated use of "Read more" on a series of "teaser paragraphs" which try to entice the user to click for more details. Even though each link's text says the same thing, the link actually goes to a different page. The easiest way to fix this is to use the context of the teaser for your call to action. For example:, instead of using just "Read more", use, "Read more about duplicate links".

Last Updated: 3/14/18