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Web Services and the college's Web Content Managers are partners, working toward reaching and maintaining ADA compliance for the college's multimedia presence.


Graphic courtesy of Boise State University

Mobile and Website compliance is a requirement, but trying to understand the WCAG 2.0 Guidelines and how they relate to ADA, ACAA, OCR, AODA, Section 508 and other compliance requirements, can be confusing.

The approach we'll be taking with this subsite is to help Content Managers tackle the easiest and most prevalent issues first; this will give us the biggest impact in the shortest time.

Below we will list the targeted issues, with the number of instances on our site and date of the report.

Contact for a detailed report on your department's site.

Top targeted issues
Issue Brief Description # of issues†
Duplicate links One or more links were found that use the same link text, but point to different destinations or different link texts with the same destination are detected. 662
Image Based Alternative Text No alternate text for images 54
False Headings Need to use actual heading elements (H1-H6) for headings and subheadings, rather than simulating headings by changing font size and weight of paragraph text. 450

† As of 4/19/17

Resouces is a one-stop source for government web designers to learn how to make websites more usable, useful, and accessible.

Section 508: The Road to Accessibility 

Rhode Island Accessibility Law

"It is important to remember that people with disabilities have many different accessibility needs and that there are different ways to make technology accessible and that new accessibility needs emerge as technology changes."

~Jenifer Simpson
Senior Director, Telecommunications & Technology Policy Initiatives
American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD}
"Inclusive Information and Communication Technologies for People with Disabilities"

Last Updated: 2/12/18