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How to create a new folder

  1. Login to the OU Campus Content Management System (for login details, see: "How to Login to the Content Management System").
  2. Expand the "Split-screen" view TWICE so you can see the files in your site. split screen view button split screen view button 2
  3. Your view should now look something like this:page file menu
  4. Navigate to the location on your site where you plan to create your new folder.
    1. Remember, the CMS will create your new folder in the current folder you see open on your screen.
  5. Once within the desired folder, click the "New" button new button
  6. When the "New" menu appears. click on the "New Folder" button new folder button
  7. When the "New Folder" menu appears, fill-out/select the appropriate fieldsnew folder window
    1. Type in the name of the new folder
      1. When naming a new folder, please adhere to the following standards:
        1. Only lower case letters, number, hyphens, and underscores are to be used.
          1. For example, "a-directory", "a_directory", and "1directory" are fine, however "aDirectory" and "adirectory!" are not.
    2. Select which attributes you would like the folder to inherit (most likely, you can leave them all checked, which is the default)
    3. Click on the "Create" button.
  8. If successful, you should see:successful message window
    1. the new folder in the "Name/Date" column
    2. a pop-up "Success" box indicating the folder has been created
  9. Click "OK" in the "Success" pop-up to continue with your work.

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