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For Website Owners (Administration, Directors, Deans, Chairs)

Guidelines for the care and maintenance --of your Web Content Manager

The responsibilities of the CCRI Web Content Managers (CMs) require an unusual degree of specialized training, organizational skills, and just plain hard work. CMs know this going in --or learn it soon thereafter. Because of the unique skill-set required of CMs, the owners of a website, who are most often not its CM, may not be aware of the time and effort that go into developing and maintaining  a site. By understanding the responsibilities of an CM, a website owner can better support the CM in the successful creation and smooth continuance of a site.

Below are some guidelines to help site owners understand the scope of their CM's responsibilities and some of the ways in which content can be submitted for web publication.

For more, see: "Creating Departmental Websites"

Last Updated: 5/13/16