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Faculty Technology Development

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MS Word Review Toolbar

The Electronic Alternative to the Red Pen: Correcting Papers with MS Word's Reviewing Toolbar


Having students submit papers electronically saves both paper and time but challenges instructors to find a way to correct papers and send them back electronically. With some basic information, you can use the features of Microsoft Word's Reviewing Toolbar to insert comments and edit papers. Students can also use these same features as they peer edit. For further information about the workshop content, contact Faculty Mentor Kathleen Beauchene,


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Flanagan Campus 2330

Tue Apr 15 Noon - 12:50 PM


One-on-One Consultations One-on-One instructional technology consultations are available in the CITs on each campus by appointment.

These highly successful one-on-one, customized training sessions can be the answer to your faculty technology development and support needs.

*Receive individualized assistance with instructional technologies
*Apply technologies to meet your course learning objectives
*Work with your own content
*Get exactly what you need from your session

Please contact the Center for Instructional Technology on your campus to schedule your one-on-one consultation appointment. Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM. See contact information on the right.

Contact Information:


Knight Campus

Yan Huang



Flanagan Campus
Gene Grande
Tel: 401-333-7031


Liston Campus
MaryAdele Combe



Newport Campus

Ben Leveillee

Tel: 401-851-1708


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