Server Support

The Systems and Operations group installs and maintains all centralized servers within the 4 campus locations.  The environment currently includes Oracle Sparc, Dell, and Cisco UCS Servers.  There are approximately 120 servers within all 4 campus locations.   The group has been working on deploying VMWare virtualization.  This technology has allowed us to achieve 20 to 1 ratio of servers to physical hardware.  The operations group is currently involved in High Availability and Disaster Recovery projects.   Providing uninterrupted service to the user community is our goal.    

Our responsibilities include remediation of server and application software, performing daily backups,  24x7 monitoring of servers and applications, securing the Data Center, account provisioning, hosting and managing Email systems.  We secure and manage storage needs for the user community.   We assist other areas with technical support and ongoing projects.
Please contact the Service Desk (ext 1112, to report systems or application issues, new server requirements, and application upgrades.  If you have general questions about systems or operations, please contact Anthony Dzikiewicz, Manager of Systems/Operations (ext 1164 or