Procedures for Requesting Data


The purpose of these procedures is to ensure that requests for data from the Community College of Rhode Island are directed to the appropriate parties responsible for information distribution and to ensure the accuracy of all reporting.


All requests shall be submitted in writing, via memorandum or email, and shall include: the name, telephone number and email address of the person initiating the request; the specific details of the request; the purpose; and the time frame the data is needed. The mailing address of the college is:

Community College of Rhode Island
400 East Avenue
Warwick, RI 02886.

Before making a request for historical enrollment and graduate information, requestors should look at CCRI’s Institutional Research web pages at The information may already be available.

Please allow a minimum of 3 working days for the College to respond to the request. It is possible the data will be available sooner depending on the specific request.

If the request is not received in writing, the person who receives the request should document as much of the information as possible that is identified in step 1 above.

Requests for student enrollment data shall be directed to the Director of Institutional Research and Assessment. Requests for financial or personnel data shall be directed to the Business Manager. These individuals shall determine the validity of the request as related to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and other college policies.

Contact Information:
William LeBlanc
Director of Institutional Research and Assessment
(401) 825-2225
Ruth Barrington
Business Manager
(401) 825-2184

When appropriate, the President and the applicable Vice President shall be informed of the request and they shall assign a priority to the request.

As needed, the request will then be forwarded to the appropriate data custodian by the Director of Institutional Research or the Business Manager.

If adequate information cannot be obtained through the data custodians, a request for IT assistance shall be directed to one of the contacts listed below. This request shall indicate the established priority. The IT contact will respond by email to establish if and when the request can be completed.

William R. Ferland
Acting Executive Director of IT & CIO
Anthony Dzikiewicz
Interim Director of Management Information Systems

Once the request for data has been completed, the data custodian or IT will provide the data to the Director of Institutional Research or the Business Manager to be disseminated to the original requestor.

All inquiries for data from newspaper, radio or television sources shall be forwarded to the Public Relations Office. Public Relations will follow the same guidelines as formulated above.

Contact Information

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