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Sophos Anti-Virus

Effective May 2009, CCRI implemented Sophos Anti-Virus software as the campus standard in computer virus protection. We are in the process of installing this software on all campus computers. We administer updates and virus reporting from one central location and the latest virus defense information is distributed to each computer within hours of being made available to the public.

Sophos allowed for Home computer use to Faculty and Staff

Full-time CCRI faculty and staff can use this licensed software at home on a single computer.

How do I get the Sophos software for home?

The distribution of software covered by the license agreement for full-time CCRI faculty and staff that use computers at work takes place through the Service Desk at the Knight Campus, room 2113 and Classroom Support located at the Flanagan, Liston, and Newport campuses.  The CD is distributed on first come first served basis and can be borrowed for up to 48 hours.