New Communications Package for Faculty & Staff

To improve efficiency and effectiveness of CCRI communications, all college computers will need to receive Microsoft Outlook 2007 and Internet Explorer 7 software upgrades in time for the start of the Fall 2009 semester. These upgrades offer the same features you are accustomed to as well as new enhancements designed to increase your productivity.

Faculty & Staff:
Now is the time to do YOUR part!

For CCRI to continue to fulfill its obligation of improving technology for faculty and staff, the Department of Information Technology requires your cooperation. The department is providing the following three-step series of guidelines and instructions to help you manage this transition to the new software products and, as always, the IT Service Desk is available to assist you with any questions or problems you may encounter during the process.

  1. Upgrade to Microsoft Office 2007 or Outlook 2007
  2. Switch to an Exchange e-mail account
  3. Use Office Communicator 2007


Information Technology

Step 1

Upgrade to Microsoft Office 2007 suite (includes Outlook)
Microsoft Outlook 2007
Information Technology


To continue receiving e-mail in Outlook and to take advantage of other new features, it is imperative that you upgrade to
 Outlook 2007

When: Starting on Wednesday, Aug. 26, and no later than Sept. 8, 2009.

Why it is necessary: To take advantage of the new Exchange e-mail account (step 2) and Office Communicator (step 3), you need Microsoft Office 2007 suite (or Outlook 2007) installed on your computer.

Benefits: The suite offers lots of new, exciting features in old program favorites like Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

The new software download, which can take a half hour to an hour and a half depending on your computer, as well as a series of online tutorials and FAQs, is available on our Office 2007 page.

If you already have the Microsoft Office 2007 suite installed on your computer, this step is not necessary.

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Step 2

Switch to an Exchange e-mail account
Information Technology

When: Phase 1 will be completed by the IT department on Wednesday Aug. 26, 2009. Phase 2 must be completed by you on Aug. 26 and before Sept. 8. (See below for details.)

Why it is necessary: CCRI's current e-mail system does not offer features such as integrated calendars, meeting coordination, full-featured Web access and tighter security that are needed on our campuses.

Benefits:With the transition to Exchange, faculty and staff e-mail accounts will increase in storage space from 25 MB to 1 GB. You will be able to access your Outlook e-mail, folders, contacts and calendars via the Web at This new access point will have a new interface and increased features that were not offered in Pipeline. One of the biggest benefits is that any e-mail sent or received via the new Web mail interface is automatically synchronized with your desktop copy of Outlook and vice versa. This means you can always access your complete inbox from any location, at any time.

What the IT dept. will do - Phase 1:

On Aug. 26, 2009, the IT Department will convert your e-mail account to an Exchange e-mail account.

You do not need to do anything for this to occur.  However, after your account is converted to Exchange, you will need to complete Phase 2 below in order to receive and send e-mail with Outlook :

What you need to do - Phase 2:

Starting on Aug. 26, you should install Microsoft Office 2007 suite or Microsoft Outlook 2007, (see above).


Please be aware that your Exchange e-mail password will be your domain password -- the password you use to sign on to your office computer. This may or may not be the same as the password you use to login to your old e-mail account.

The password you use to login to MyCCRI (see below) will remain the same.

If you are unable to login, please make sure you are using the appropriate password.

If you are still having problems, call the Service Desk at 401-825-1112.

Starting on Aug. 26, in order to receive and send e-mail with Outlook, you will need to set up your new Exchange profile in Outlook 2007 (until then, any new e-mail sent to you will be stored in your Web mail account and can be viewed by logging into You will export your old e-mail, contacts, calendars, etc. from your old Outlook profile and then import them into your new Outlook Exchange profile.


For step-by-step tutorials on how to set-up your Exchange profile, see the MS Exchange Server page.

New tutorials added Sept. 14, 2009:
For Pipeline Users - added Sept. 17, 2009:

Most important to remember: as soon as IT converts your account to Exchange e-mail on Aug. 26, your old Outlook and Pipeline e-mail accounts will no longer receive new e-mail. You will only be able to send and receive e-mail through your office computer, if you've set-up your Exchange profile for Outlook, by logging into on the Web, or by logging into MyCCRI.

Accessing your e-mail from within MyCCRI: The e-mail icon displayed within MyCCRI will open a separate MyCCRI Webmail ( window rather than display your e-mail inside MyCCRI.

opening e-mail from within MyCCRI 

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Information Technology Step 3

Download, install and use Office Communicator 2007

When: You should download the software sometime after Aug. 26, 2009. You then should have the ability to sign in and use Office Communicator.

Why it is necessary: To date, CCRI has not offered an opportunity for electronic, real-time communication for faculty and staff.

Benefits: Office Communicator 2007 has many features that allow for quick, instant exchanges of information through instant messaging, audio, video and application sharing. These features offer the ability to host live meetings and group chats with employees at all four campuses simultaneously as well as one-on-one video conversations.

More information about the benefits of using Office Communicator 2007 and links to the software downloads are available on our Office Communications Server page.

Please note that the Department of Information Technology is using a "phased-in" approach to implementing Office Communicator. This means that, temporarily, some of the features that Office Communicator offers will be unavailable for use. Although we encourage you to read the documentation on the Office Communicator page and download the software after Aug. 26, we want you to be aware that not all features will be functional.

Login to MyCCRI now NEW!

The MyCCRI portal offers the same features as Pipeline did, but with more information and options and a whole new look. Behind the scenes, the upgrade involved a switch from a Windows Operating System to a new hardware platform called Unix Operating System.

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