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Sophos Anti-Virus software is the campus standard in computer virus protection. This software is installed on all campus computers, including student labs, office computers, and library stations. We administer updates and virus reporting from one central location and the latest virus defense information is distributed to each computer within hours of being made available to the public.

CCRI has negotiated an agreement with Sophos to license Sophos Anti-Virus products for CCRI faculty, and staff. The license agreement provides the right to install the software on:

  • CCRI owned computer systems
  • Personally owned computer of current full-time CCRI faculty and staff

Note: There can only be one anti-virus program installed on your computer at a time.
If you currently have another anti-virus program installed on your computer, and wish to use Sophos as your anti-virus program, you must completely uninstall the other anti-virus program before attempting to install Sophos.


Note: The following downloads are only available to CCRI faculty and staff.

Benefits of Using Sophos

  • Security - excellent virus and malware prevention, detection, and removal
  • Fast performance - Sophos works quietly in the background, with very low CPU demands. Even during a full system scan, your computer should not slow down.
  • Recovery options - With infected devices, Sophos often can successfully install and clean the infection on the spot.
  • Cross-platform support - Sophos works on Windows, and Macs. It also is developing options to deal with emerging threats on mobile devices.
  • Remote management - updates, upgrades, and infection recoveries can be managed remotely

Sophos Anti-Virus for Home Use

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Here is a list of some popular free antivirus programs. We still highly recommend that you use Sophos. These software products are not endorsed or recommended by CCRI and we cannot provide support for these products. This list is provided as a reference only and is not meant to be a comprehensive list. There may be many other antivirus programs that may work for your system which are not listed.

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