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Community College of Rhode Island

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Contact Information

Help Desk
Tel: 401-825-1112

Equipment Request
Tel: 401-455-6111
CIT's (for Faculty)
Tel: 401-825-1195
Academic Labs
Knight Campus
Rooms: 2109,2110,2112
Tel: 401-825-2334

Flanagan Campus
Rooms: 3632
Tel: 401-333-7180

Newport Campus
Rooms: 253
Tel: 401-851-1703

Liston Campus
Rooms: 1216
Tel: 401-455-6051

Handbook for Staff and Student Assistant Positions

Using the Telephones

Because the phone is such an important instrument in our daily business, below are some helpful tips that will help to make your phone conversations more effective. Please remember proper etiquette leaves callers with a favorable impression of you, and the IT department.

Please answer all calls as follows:

  1. Speak in a pleasant tone of voice - clearly and slowly.
  2. State "your name speaking".
  3. Ask the caller for their name, department and phone number.
  4. Try to assist them with any problems or refer the caller to the Help Desk.
  5. Remember that you may be the first and only contact a person may have with our department, and that first impression will stay with the caller long after the call is completed.

Transferring a Call

Before transferring a call, ask what the call is in reference to. Quite often the phone call is in reference to something that you could take care of yourself without transferring the call.

When transferring a call, identify the caller, the purpose of the call and their phone number should the call get disconnected.

If the selected employee is not in their office, the caller can leave a voice mail or send email.

Taking Messages

It is important to take complete information when relaying a message. Make sure you gather the following information:

  • To (whom the message is for)
  • From (who left the message)
  • Date
  • Time
  • Phone number of caller
  • A brief message
  • Sign your name to indicate who has taken the message.

Making Telephone Calls

To make a phone call within the College dial the 4 digit extension.

To dial a telephone number outside of the College:

  • Dial 9
  • Wait for the dial tone
  • Dial the telephone number as you usually would.

Long Distance Calling

Long distance calls are not permitted.

IT phones are for business use ONLY. Any personal calls by you or our users should be made from the pay phones.

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Last Updated: 3/15/16