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Community College of Rhode Island

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Contact Information

Help Desk
Tel: 401-825-1112

Equipment Request
Tel: 401-455-6111
CIT's (for Faculty)
Tel: 401-825-1195
Academic Labs
Knight Campus
Rooms: 2109,2110,2112
Tel: 401-825-2334

Flanagan Campus
Rooms: 3632
Tel: 401-333-7180

Newport Campus
Rooms: 253
Tel: 401-851-1703

Liston Campus
Rooms: 1216
Tel: 401-455-6051

Handbook for Staff and Student Assistant Positions

Code of Conduct

Courtesy and Professional Attitude

Our attitude and manner while communicating with users must be respectful and polite. It is expected that common courtesy will be exhibited to both co-workers and users.


All employees are expected to present themselves in a professional manner. You may wear comfortable clothing as long as it is not offensive to our end users. IT employees are representatives of Information Technology and are expected to dress and act as such. Please refrain from wearing the following while you are working:

  • Clothing that is ripped or torn
  • Cut-offs
  • Workout clothes (sweat pants, warm-ups, etc.)
  • Clothing that contains any vulgar or offensive images or text.
  • Hats, ball caps, and bandannas


Employees are expected to be at work, except for authorized absences. If you have an emergency or you are ill please call as soon as possible to notify your supervisor. Please try to find someone to cover for you if you have advance warning.

If you are repeatedly absent without authorization, you could be subject to termination.

If Staff for the Next Shift Doesn't Show Up

You have the following options:

  • Continue working and let your supervisor know what happened.
  • Contact the person working in one of the other areas (Help Desk, Labs, or Classroom Support) to see if they can cover your area.
  • If you can not stay and cannot locate a backup, contact your supervisor or manager immediately. If you cannot find your supervisor/manager, contact one of the other User Support managers.


All employees should arrive at least five (10) minutes early for their shift. If you will be late please notify your Manager or Supervisor.

Being on time makes it easier for all of us because lateness gets in the way of teamwork among employees and will be considered cause for corrective action.


Employees are expected to act professionally at work and to set a good example in the proper use of information technology. Violations of employment etiquette, such as sending abusive mail, rudeness to end users, are examples of unprofessional behavior.

Fire Alarms

If a fire alarm goes off when you are on duty, evacuate the room immediately. Be sure to close and lock the doors when leaving.

When the fire alarm sounds, everyone must leave the building by the nearest exit in a quiet and orderly manner. Employees should be familiar with emergency evacuation routes and designated safe zones for disabled individuals.

Everyone should move away from the building to give emergency crews clear access to provide emergency services. Any employee that fails to leave the building as directed will be referred for disciplinary action.

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Last Updated: 3/15/16