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Electronic Editing using Word XP

If your students submit their documents as e-mail attachments or uploaded files in Pipeline or WebCT, you can open them in Word and insert comments and/or make changes easily and quickly. You can then e-mail the document back to the student and they will see the suggestions, comments and changes you have made. The student can accept or reject the changes you have made. (Note that the student must have Word on their computer to see the revisions.)

If the assignment is one that entails several revisions, you may save versions of the document so that you can see the progress that has been made since the original and even compare different versions.

Beginning Revisions

Once you have opened the document in Word you need to turn on the revisions feature:

To Stop Tracking Revisions:

Select Tools Track Changes from the menu and the function will be toggled off.

Accepting and/or Rejecting Revisions

Using Comments

To Insert a Comment:
To Hide or Display Comments in a Document:
To Edit a Comment:
To Delete a Comment:

Saving Versions of a Document

Word allows you to save several different copies, or revisions, of a document in the same file.

To Save a Document Version:
To Open a Version:

Comparing Documents

Comparing document is similar to working with revisions. You can compare a revised document with the original to see what changes have been made to it.

To Compare Two Documents:

Password Protecting a Document

You can password protect a document so that users must enter a password to open and/or modify the document.

To Remove Password Protection from a Document:

Repeat the above steps, only delete the password from either the Password to open or Password to modify text box, and click OK.

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