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Print Management FAQS

What is my printing allowance?

Each semester currently active student’s CCRI ID card print account will be pre-loaded with $50.00 (1000 pages at 5 cents per page) to cover the cost of printing for a semester. This allowance is based upon average use. Some students will use less and some students will use more than the initial allowance. Unused funds from the initial allowance will be cleared at the end of each semester. The print funds cannot be used for any purpose other than your printing usage on the campus network. The funds cannot be transferred to others, nor can they be carried from semester to semester.

Where can I print?

On any of the four campuses you can print from the Academic computer labs or Libraries.

image of the PrintAssistant
How do I Print in the Academic Computer Labs and Library’s?
  1. When your file is ready, click Print
  2. Select the printer.
  3. Once you've selected the printer a PrintAssistant box will open and you will be shown your print balance and asked to "Accept" or "Delete" the print job. The balance is the balance before printing or copying the job you just sent. Always check the print “cost” of your print job for accuracy before accepting it.
Will I be refunded any prints if my print job does not print out correctly?

No. You will not be refunded any prints to your allowance since students are allotted a significant number of free prints for the semester plus additional prints/to account for errors. If there is a problem with the printer, please notify the computer lab assistant or a library assistant so the problem can be corrected.

What happens to my printing allowance from semester to semester?

The no-charge printing allowance will be reset at the beginning of each semester. Unused prints from a student's no-charge allowance will not carry over from semester to semester, nor will CCRI issue refunds.

What do I do if I want to retrieve unused funds on my CCRI ID Card?

It is not possible to retrieve unused funds, so plan accordingly and only deposit the funds that you expect to use before graduation. Keep in mind, you will receive 1000 free pages of printing at the start of each semester in which you are enrolled.

What if I need immediate assistance?

If you are printing in the Library see the Library assistant. If you are printing in the Academic Computer Lab see the Lab assistant.

What is the cost per page?

$.05 for a single black and white page of 8.5×11 inch

What happens when I reach my $50.00 free print allowance?

After you have exhausted your initial fund balance of $50.00, you can add funds to your CCRI ID card at any pay station located in every computing lab.

My print out is not printing?

Check to see if you have a positive printing account balance. If yes, see the Lab/Library assistant for help.

Who is eligible for the print management allocation

All currently active Community College of Rhode Island students.

Can I borrow prints from a future print period?


What happens when there is a printer jam, error, poor quality output or my print is missing?

You should visit the lab assistant where they will assist you in reprinting your material or give you a refund. You will be asked to submit the sample of the bad output as proof of the problem. The assistant will then review your claim and your account will be credited at the discretion of the lab assistant. All claims must be made within 72 hours. Refunds will be in the form of a print credit only.

Under what circumstances will a request for print credit not be honored?
  • Not picking up a job from the printer
  • Printing the wrong document
  • Accidentally hitting the print button
  • Printing with the wrong page orientation (landscape vs. portrait)
  • Too many copies of the same document
How long will my print out be retained?

Your print request will remain in the queue for 72 hours.

Do I need my CCRI ID Card in order to print?

You will need your either CCRI ID Card or your CCRI Student ID number in order to print. If you do not have your CCRI ID Card or you student ID number, you will not be able to print.

My CCRI ID Card is worn/bent/cracked; will I still be able to get my prints?

There is a magnetic stripe on the back of your CCRI ID Card. This stripe is used to match your print documents to you. If your card is not properly cared for, the magnetic stripe can be damaged. The College charges for ID card replacements. If you lose your ID, someone else cannot use your ID to pay for their own prints since print jobs are tied to your Knight Account login; but all other services on your CCRI ID Card are still at risk

Can I print in one lab and pick my print up in another lab?

You can visit any of the print release stations on campus to retrieve your document (Academic Computing Lab and Library).

I just sent a 25 page job to the printer, but I don't want to pay for it. What do I do?

Don't do anything. The job will be deleted from the queue after 72 hours.

The release station says "failure to connect" when I swipe my card. What is wrong?

The problem is most likely due to the release station having lost contact with the print server due to an extended period of inactivity. Wait a few seconds, and then re-swipe your card. If the release station is still unresponsive after a few swipes of the card, then notify the lab/library assistance.

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Last Updated: 3/19/15