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How do I request a new group?

Select the GROUPS icon, from the icon bar in the top right menu bar, and then select CREATE GROUP tab. The request will be sent to the CCRI Groups Administrator for approval. Groups are approved based on the CCRI groups policy, which you must read before creating a group. As soon as your request has been approved or rejected, you will receive an e-mail notification, along with an explanation of the decision.

After modifying an existing announcement in my Group, why do the group members see both the original and the modified announcement?

After modifying the original announcement and posting it, you must delete the original announcement to prevent both from appearing.

Is there a limit to the length of topics and messages that can be posted in my Group?

Yes. The content of a topic is limited to 512 characters and the content of a message is limited to 2048 characters.

I have placed a file in my Group but some of my group members are not able to download it. Why?

Some web browsers cannot access filenames that have spaces in them. When uploading files to your Group, ensure that the filenames do not contain spaces.

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Last Updated: 3/15/16