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How to set a Passcode (iOS 4.1 or later)

  1. From the Home Screen, open Setting
image of the iPad Home screen
  1. Select Open General
image of the General Settings screen
  1. Scroll down and tap on Passcode Lock The default passcode is four digits -- if you would like to set an alphanumeric passcode, slide the Simple Passcode toggle to Off
image of the Passcode Lock screen
  1. Select Turn Passcode On
image of the Passcode On screen
  1. Enter a four-digit passcode, or an alphanumeric passcode of any length
  2. Re-type your passcode to confirm
image of the Set Passcode screen
  1. Set Require Passcode to the desired time -- this will be the amount of idle time before your iPad 2 will require you to enter the passcode
image of require password option
  1. Turn Erase Data On to enable automatic erase in the case of 10 passcode failures
image of the Erase Data option
  1. Tap Enable to confirm
image of the confirm erase screen
  1. Optional: Picture Frame allows a locked device to display photos similar to a screen saver. These photos may include personally identifiable information. Turn this Off to prevent someone from seeing photos on the device. Alternatively, select what photos are displayed in the Photo Frame settings listed on the left-hand side of the screen.
image of the picture frame screen
  1. Lock your device with the Sleep Button, wait the amount of time set to require the passcode, and wake up with the Sleep or Home Buttons. Slide to Unlock the device as normal.
image of the slide unlock screen
  1. The Passcode entry message appears. If the Simple Passcode option was disabled, the prompt will be different.
image of the enter passcode
  1. An Incorrect passcode was entered! Make sure not to do this ten times in a row (unlikely if you know the code).
image of the wrong password screen

Once a passcode is set, several other options and settings for the iOS will require this to be entered before changing such as audio volume limits and accepting encryption keys.
You can even wipe the iPad, erasing all data if the Passcode is entered wrong ten times straight.

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Last Updated: 8/20/14